ShowNo Kids 4 in 1 Towel Review

Both of my Daughters start swimming lessons tonight. My oldest had a couple lessons last summer and this will be the first round of lessons for my youngest. We participate in swim lessons for a number of reasons with the most obvious one being safety. We also like swimming because it is an active sport that the girls can do together even though they are two years apart in age. We try to have them in some sort of physical activity year round to help keep them active, healthy and to burn off some of their extra energy.

I went in search of some fun towels that the girls would enjoy having in their swim bags. I found ShowNo Towels and knew they would be a hit.

For our review, we received ShowNo Towels in Pink Hearts and Red Ladybugs.


ShowNo Towels are absorbent towels that have been customized with a opening for you to slip them over your head. They are a 4 in 1 product; the website suggests that they can be used as a poncho, bath towel, cover-up and aid in clothing changes.

With ShowNo Towels kids can carry or wear their towels rather than asking someone else to help them. The poncho design also makes it easier for them to learn how to dry themselves off. They can wear the towel while drying…no more juggling the towel with small hands while trying to chasing the water off their bodies. While Kids wear the ShowNo towel they can slip out of their wet suits into dry clothes while having some privacy.


I love this product for a couple different reasons. I am a fan of products that were created by Moms (and Dads) to fill a need that their children had. I like that it has multiple uses. I also like it because it enables kids to do things for themselves, thereby building their self-esteem.

The girls like their new ShowNo Towels. They pretend they are “superhero princess fairy” capes. I think this would be the 5th use for this towel.

ShowNo Towels has a wonderful new opportunity to help you earn some extra money this summer! If you are interested, email for wholesale information.

You can connect with ShowNo Towels on their website, facebook and twitter.

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