Winning Moves Games & Puzzles Review & #Giveaway US 6/14/2013

Winning Moves Games was launched in 1995 by four individuals who were very well known and respected in the game industry.   These men were instrumental in the development/success of the Rubik’s Cube and Monopoly and led research and development positions with Parker Brothers as well as Milton Bradley.

One of the first things Winning Moves Games did was to build a relationship with Hasbro, Inc., the owner of Milton Bradley and Parker Brothers.  This allowed them to have access to many classic games that were being successfully marketed by those companies.   What a great way to offer fun, well known and respected games to multiple generations.

For our review, we received two family games- Super Big Boggle and the Deluxe edition of Super Scrabble. We also received two wonderfully fun (and challenging) puzzles- 12 Days of Christmas and Sunlit Morning. 

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What I found while playing Super Big Boggle was that it was a great way for the youngsters in the family to practice and expand their spelling talent while also having fun.  Surprisingly, the younger the player, the more creative they were about finding the words.

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The Deluxe edition Super Scrabble was a huge hit at our house.  Quite often, we play our card games on the coffee table because it’s lower and easier for some of the young ones to reach.  Unfortunately, it’s also easier for our family dog to reach.  With the regular Scrabble board game, our letters were always sliding all over the board and we’d have to reinvent the words several times throughout the game.  Not the case with Super Scrabble because it has a “locking” board.  Each square has 4 little nubs at the corners so your letters stay where you put them.


Both the 12 Days of Christmas and Sunlit Morning puzzles were amazing because they were not only beautiful fun scenes to put together but some of the individual puzzle pieces were what Winning Moves Games call “whimsy” pieces.   Pieces were in the shape of a boot, cat, elephant, heart, duck, butterfly, etc.    We found ourselves not even trying to put the puzzle together but having a contest to see how many different shapes we could find.

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Once you have put the 12 Days of Christmas puzzle together, you get to see who can spot the hidden images from the 12 days of  Christmas!


What a great way to spend a wet rainy Oregon weekend.

You can connect with Winning Moves Games on facebook, twitter and pinterest.

One lucky winner is also going to receive- Super Scrabble Deluxe Edition, Super Big Boggle,12 Days of Christmas puzzle and Sunlit Morning puzzle! This is a US giveaway that will end on 6/14/2013.




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