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Thank you CityGrips
for providing me with products to review, free of charge
and for sponsoring this giveaway.
These are my own honest opinions.

CityGrips logoLast year, I discovered CityGrips, a company that makes stroller handlebar covers, and shared my review with you. Our covers withheld a year of use and are still in perfect condition (so are the handlebars underneath!) When we got a new umbrella stroller and a bike trailer that doubles as a stroller, I knew I needed new CityGrips covers.

citygrips smallHow does it work exactly? Easy: CityGrips are pieces of durable and stretchy material that stay in place around your handlebar thanks to a 1 inch wide velcro strip. You just have to be careful with the velcro because it’s quite strong and might get caught in the thread along the cover. Once you have it in place though, that won’t be a problem. The material is plush and reminds me of a fabric used to make wetsuits. It feels comfortable and even during hot summer days, it doesn’t get soaked and sticky from sweat. CityGrips covers protect your stroller handlebar from dirt and wear and tear.

CityGrips covers also help prevent germ contamination because they are machine washable. For this reason, I also used them on the handlebar of shopping carts when my daughter was younger so she wouldn’t chew or lick the handlebar.

I find all kinds of uses for our covers. The other day, I was cleaning up the yard and the wooden handle of my rake was cracked and I was worried about splinters. I quickly thought about how I could protect my hands and the answer was quite simple: get my CityGrips covers! They would also be great to cover dumbbells, the handles of a bag, or anything else that you want to protect or keep germs off of.

 CityGrips options

CityGrips offers 2 different kinds of covers: one for single handlebar strollers and one for double handlebar strollers. Covers come in many different styles to coordinate with your stroller or add a pop of colors!

citygrips products

For this review, I received 2 pairs of single handlebar covers in ZigZag Color and a pair of double handlebar covers in Polka Dot.

I placed both pairs of ZigZag Color covers side by side on the handle of our bike trailer because it’s so wide. The whole handle is covered in that typical foamy material so I really needed to protect it from the damage that was certain to happen as we’d load and unload it from the car. Of course, I also get the benefits of the handle remaining clean and my hands not getting all sticky! The pop of color from the covers make our trailer stand out from the crowd: it’s a quite popular model but we’re the only ones with a multicolored handlebar.

citygrips zigzag colorI placed the Polka Dot covers on the double handle bars of our umbrella stroller. That’s our back up stroller and I always keep it in the trunk of the car so we are ready for those unplanned stops at the store or at the park. Yet I want to keep it as clean as possible so covers are the way to go. I really like the Polka Dot design! It would go perfectly well with any color of stroller and definitely adds a quirky touch to my otherwise plain teal stroller.

citygrips polka dotsOverall, I am very pleased with the covers that we received from CityGrips. They are practical, easy to use and they look great! The fact that they are machine washable is wonderful because it means you can easily clean them. Other than to protect your stroller handlebar, I’m sure you’ll find all kinds of use for them just like I did.

Buy It: Head over to CityGrips to see for yourself the great selection of stroller handlebar covers they offer.

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