MyLuxury1st Human Hair Extensions Review

I’ve always loved the look of hair extensions. Whenever we see celebrities with amazing hair, they tend to have extensions in. However, I’ve never used them myself. One reason I’ve wanted to try them, is not just to add length and volume to my own hair, but to add a bit of color whenever I want. MyLuxury1st sells real human hair extensions in just about every color. Whether you just want to add a fun color now and then, or want a whole head of extensions to put in, MyLuxury1st has it. I was very excited to be able to try some clip-in color extensions.

I received the following from MyLuxury1st to review:


I received MyLuxury1st Clip-in Streaks in bright pink, burgundy, and green. These extensions are 20″ long, about two inches wide, and are 100% genuine human hair. Since they are human hair, they can be curled, flat ironed, washed, conditioned, and dyed a darker color.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve never used any kind of extensions before, so I was worried they might be hard to put in. However, the clip was very easy to put it. I would just part my hair wherever I wanted the streak in, and put the clip in. It was very easy, and didn’t take long at all to put in.

I was really impressed with these MyLuxury1st clip-ins. Not only do they look really nice, they also clip in really well, and are very sturdy. I have fine, sleek hair, and very few clips ever stay in my hair. However, these clip-in streaks stayed in my hair all day long. They never slipped, or move. They also looked really great in my hair. I got a lot of compliments on them, and most people thought I had really dyed my hair until I told them otherwise. The human hair is soft and shiny. There were times I’d run my fingers through my hair and not know whether it was my own, or the extension.

Here are some pictures of the clips in my hair:



As you can see, the clip blends in really well. No one would know it’s even a clip-in streak! Even when I did not have my hair straightened, the clip still blended in really well:


Overall, I’ve really enjoyed these clip-in extensions. These MyLuxury1st clip-in extensions are so fun. I love coordinating them with my outfits. They’re also so easy, and stay in so well. I also really that I can style them however I want, to match my hair, or even dye them another color if I get tired of these colors. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for some hair extensions. MyLuxury1st has really great, competitive prices.

Buy it: You can purchase the clip-in extensions seen here, and many other extensions at the MyLuxury1st Website.

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