Disruptus and Arrazzles: Review and Giveaway Of The 2 Newest Games From Funnybone Toys 2 WINNERS! US/Can (9/9)

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Funnybone Toys logoLast year, I discovered 3 games from Funnybone Toys: Array, Spectrix, and Cubu. This year, I was lucky to be one of the first to try their newly released games called Disruptus and Arrazzles.

Funnybone Toys is a company that specializes in creating unique games. Their first 3 games were based on colors and color arrangements which made them fairly simple, easy to learn, and fun to play. Funnybone Toys Review of Array, Spectrix, and Cubu.

Their newest games are based on different concepts: Disruptus is based on disruptive thinking and Arrazzles is based on geometry and the laws of physics.

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Let me first tell you about Disruptus. The whole idea behind disruptive thinking is to take a closer look at objects and ideas and come up with an entirely new way to achieve the same end. With Disruptus, you are asked to Create, Improve, Transform, or Disrupt. There are 100 cards to choose from and 10 blank ones to create your own.

funnybone toys disruptusYou can play with 3 or more people or teams, each player taking the role of the judge in rotation. It’s also possible to play with just 2 players or even by yourself in which case there is no judge. Here are the rules when there are 3+ players:

The judge rolls the die. The 6 possible options are: Create2, Improve, Transform, Disrupt, Player’s Choice, or Judge’s Choice. Each player or team has 1 minute to come up with the most innovative idea. The judge asks each player/team to explain their idea and names the one he finds the more innovative. The winning player or team gets a point and the game ends after a pre-determined number of turns or amount of time.

Here’s a little description of the different die rolls:

– Create2: Using elements from 2 objects to create a new object or idea.
– Improve: Add or change an object to make it better.
– Transform: Use an object in a totally new way.
– Disrupt: Create a new object that has the same purpose as the object depicted on the card.

I think this game is really interesting. It really gets your brain going! It’s a lot harder than it seems to think outside the box. I personally like the idea of playing in teams because it’s easier to brainstorm with others. I find we also come up with more innovative ideas when we collaborate. It’s a great game to play with kids and teenagers who tend to have an easier time being creative.

The second game I tried is Arrazzles. This one is all about geometry and the laws of physics. There are 45 metallic-colored cards and 5 different patterns of slots. With this game, you can either Build, Connect, or Play.

Metallic-Colored Cards With Slots (and my attempt at building a fork)

Metallic-Colored Cards With Slots (and my attempt at building a fork)

In Build, create beautiful multi-dimensional designs. You can create anything from snowflakes to towers. Each card also has a hole in its center so you can use straws, strings, or even pipe cleaners for ever more creative constructions.

In Connnect, make unique arrangements by placing cards side by side on a flat surface. You start with all the cards with 4 slots, then 6 slots, then 8 slots. You’ll end up with an abstract geometric shape. You can arrange the colors in specific sequences or arrange them randomly.

In Play, you can play 3 different games. First, there is a typical Memory game where you match either 2 or 3 same-colored cards. There is also ‘What is it?’ where you can also try to build an object (such as a fork like I did above) and get other players to guess what it is.

There is also ‘The Shift’ which is my favorite version of the game. We start off with a specific number of cards, let’s say 4, and one of the player arranges them together (this isn’t in the rules booklet but I find it makes the game more interesting from the beginning). Then we take turns adding a card to the arrangement without making the structure shift or tumble. You have to carefully choose where you place your card and analyze how it can affect the balance of the ever-growing structure. You can make it harder by making it mandatory that the new card be added to the last card placed on the arrangement (rather than anywhere on the structure). The one who makes the arrangement fall is out of the game until only 1 player is left.

funnybone toys the shift

The Shift: initial structure with 6 cards and the final structure just before it tumbled

I like Arrazzles, especially because it’s great with kids who can use all their creativity to build structures. The Shift version of the game is also fun for both young and older players. It’s a great way to see physic laws in action and the games are quick and always different.

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