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Razors are a necessity for any man or woman, yet they can be quite expensive, especially for a quality razor. We spend a lot of money on razors and razor cartridges, so when I heard about a more inexpensive option, I was really intrigued. has razors for men and woman that compete with the name brand razors in quality, but not in cost. They offer low price razors that you can purchase one time, or you can purchase a subscription and have razors sent every 2, 3 or 4 months. I was very excited to be able to try out some razors from!

I received the following razors from to review:


I received the Men’s 5 Blade Razor, and the Women’s 5 Blade Razor, along with cartridges for each.

Here are the razors with the cartridges attached:


Both razors are similar in design to name brand razors that both my fiancé and I have used. They’re also really good quality. They’re sturdy, and move well with your skin. I used mine mostly on my legs and was really impressed with the smooth shave that I got. My fiancé used his on his face, and he also had a really smooth shave, and practically no razor burn, and he normally gets razor burn pretty badly. We were very impressed with the performance.

The razors both had five blades. They also have a three blade option for men, if you prefer a smaller razor. The cartridges on the razors were really easy to remove, and replace. The razors had a nice, comfortable design. They were easy to hold, and comfortable when shaving. The blade heads moved really well on the skin. Whenever I use a new razor, I normally cut myself, but I didn’t with this razor. Overall, we really liked these razors and will be buying more.

The best part of the razors is their price. The 5 blade men’s or women’s razor with four cartridges is only $9.99. And if you buy more, you save more! My fiancé and I have often gone awhile with dull razors because the cartridges are so expensive, but now that we know about, we don’t have to do that anymore!

If you’re looking for some inexpensive razors that offer the same quality of shave as the more expensive razors, you should definitely check out!

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  • Lauren s.

    For years I had a razor & bought extremely expensive replacement blades (why are razors/blades so expensive?). I recently switched back to disposable razors because of the cost. I’ll have to check this site out – thanks!

  • I am so CHEAP when it comes to razors so thank you for this post! I have never heard of this brand before, so thank you for sharing!

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