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Ulike is a specialized IPL group with over ten years of experience providing innovative and safe hair removal technology for at-home use. Its commitment is to develop comfortable and practical hair removal technology while prioritizing customer trust in its products.

If you’re not familiar with IPL devices, they work by emitting light that is absorbed by hair follicles, which reduces hair growth. If used consistently, IPLs can completely stop hair growth. This method is clinically approved and safe for hair removal. IPLs are most effective on dark hair and light skin. Although IPLs can be used on various body parts, it is recommended that you avoid using them in areas near your eyes, tattoos, wounds, birthmarks, moles, warts, and areas that have had plastic surgery.

Ulike has launched a new Air 10 IPL device, a game-changer in hair removal. The Ulike Air 10 is an IPL device that can quickly and effectively remove hair. It has dual lights that can reduce hair by up to 93% in four weeks, with visible results in just two weeks. It also features the SHR Mode, which uses clinical laser technology to remove stubborn hair by providing 26J of energy per 4-pulse burst.

The Air 10 has four power modes that allow tailored treatments for all skin sensitivities. It offers pain-free hair removal with its flat treatment head, 1mm UV filters, and SkinSensor technology that detects skin tones. It also features Ice-Cooling technology for skin protection and can be used for full-body sessions at 65º without causing burns or irritation.

Air 10 makes laser hair removal convenient and cost-effective. You won’t need razors or trips to the spa. You can do a 10-minute full-body session or turn on AutoGlide & Fast Mode to get it done even quicker.

Ulike has not only improved the features of Air 10 but also given it a new and more ergonomic look. The button on the device has been moved to make it more accessible and comfortable to use. Additionally, the ventilation has been relocated away from where you hold the device, further enhancing the user experience.

The Air 10 comes with easy-to-follow instructions, a razor to prep your skin, safety glasses, and a convenient storage and carrying bag. 

Last year, I had the opportunity to try the Ulike Air 3. It was my first experience with an IPL, and I went into it with minimal expectations. The Air 3 did everything they said it would, and I was beyond impressed. I jumped at the opportunity when Ulike asked if I wanted to try the new Air 10.

I have had the Air 10 for about a week and have used it twice. I find it easy to use and incorporate into my grooming routine. Compared to traditional shaving methods, it’s incredibly user-friendly and time-saving. The results also last longer, making it a worthwhile investment.

A common question I’ve received is whether using the device is painful and if it heats up during use. I can confidently say that the Air 10 is entirely pain-free, and the only time it has warmed up (not excessively) was when I missed a spot during my shaving preparation.

If you are considering buying an IPL device, I strongly recommend the Ulike Air 10. Once again, they have impressed me with the comfort of their product and its effectiveness!

Air 10 has been clinically tested, FDA-cleared, expert-endorsed, and meets international standards.

Ulike is a group of IPL specialists with over ten years of experience. They are industry leaders, and their products have been clinically tested and verified. They are internationally regulated and trusted by over 5 million people. Ulike offers a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty. In 2022, Ulike was the best-selling IPL brand globally.


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