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Nescafe Dolce Gusto has recently launched a brand new, sleek-looking, single serve coffee machine. It’s called the Genio and guess who’s the lucky girl who got to review it! ME!

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try the new coffee machine. Let me tell you why. My husband doesn’t like coffee nescafe gusto logoso there is no reason for me to brew a pot of coffee, it’ll just go to waste. Of course, I can brew just the one cup I want but my machine is slow to heat the water and it seems to take forever. Plus I have to wash the coffee pot and my mug. Also, for whatever reason, I find that when I brew just one cup, the taste ins’t as bold, no matter how much coffee I use. I’m sure there’s a logical reason behind it but I don’t know it (feel free to share your knowledge if you happen to know why this happens).

The Genio was the perfect coffee machine for me. Not only is it a beautiful silver and black machine – if it sits on my counter, I want it to be pretty to look at – it’s also a super fast single-cup machine. The Genio prepares my favorite flavor of coffee in under a minute! Each coffee is made with either one coffee capsule or one milk and one coffee capsule. There are 16 capsules in a box of Dolce Gusto so you get either 16 or 8 coffees depending on whether or not there are milk capsules included. There are tons of flavors to choose from. For this review, I chose 4 flavors: Latte Macchiato, Chai Tea Latte, Mocha, Skinny Cappuccino.

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Prior to receiving the Genio, I had never tried a single-cup coffee maker myself. I knew it was easy but when I looked at the black and white, pictures only instructions, I was a little confused. I ended up looking on YouTube for a quick how-to video and it was indeed very easy!

First you start the machine. Water will be heated and the power button will blink to tell you it’s ready. Then you put your milk capsule in the tray and push the handle down to puncture it. On the capsule, it’ll tell you the quantity you need for a perfectly brewed coffee but you can adjust it to your own preference as well. All you do is roll the dial on top the machine to match the quantity to what’s on the capsule and press the red button to start (for example, a skinny cappuccino will require … bars of milk and … bars of coffee). There is also a blue button to make chilled coffees which will be great for the summer. Once the milk is done, the lights will blink and all you do is remove the capsule and put the coffee one in the tray, pull the handle down, set the right quantity with the dial and press the red button again. When that’s done, you’ll have a cup of coffee brewed to perfection!

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I like that I can make delicious lattes and cappuccinos in under a minute with just 2 easy steps. I also like that this coffee-machine is small so it doesn’t take up much room on my counter. The one thing that I would change is that I would really love to be able to recycle the capsules. As I was reading one the Nescafe Dolce Gusto website, I found out that they are actually in the process of creating capsules using plastic materials made from responsibly managed, renewable resources which is great news! I also discovered that they already took many steps to be greener including using water-based and vegetable inks for their packaging and replacing polysterene with paper pulp trays. Obviously, single-serve coffee machine themselves reduce waste because you only brew one cup at a time which means no leftover coffee to pour down the drain.

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