Video games are on a lot of kid’s, and teen’s, and even adult’s lists for the holidays. However, there are a lot of games out there that just aren’t suitable for kids and teens, and a lot that revolve around violence, and dark subject matter. However, Farming Simulator is a game that’s suitable, and fun, for everyone. Farming Simulator, the popular app and PC game, is now available for game consoles, XBOX 360 and Playstation 3. I was very excited to be able to try out the Farming Simulator for XBOX 360.

I received Farming Simulator for XBOX 360 to review:

Farming Simulator is a video game where you can do just what the title suggests, simulate farming. Farming Simulator is a worldwide best seller that’s now available for gaming consoles. In the game you get to manage and grown your very own farm in a big, open world. It has real life equipment from 20 different manufacturers, has a complete career mode, an expanded map, and more crops to choose from.

I used to play a farming simulator on Facebook, and typically like this type of video game, and I did indeed like Farming Simulator a lot, and enjoyed it a lot more than any other farming simulation game I’ve played before, as you have a LOT more freedom. I found that the controls were a little bit hard to control at first, and it took me awhile before I truly felt comfortable playing the game. However, once I reached that point, I had a lot of fun. This is a game you can really get immersed in, and requires some strategy, and planning.

I found it a lot of fun to grow my farm, and take care of my animals. I really liked how realistic it was, it had some really good graphics, and you got to use real-life machines, and do, basically, what farmers really do.

Here is a screenshot from the game:

Farming Simulator is a great farming simulation game. I felt like not only was I having fun, but I was learning about farming in the process. It was a lot of fun to see my crops, and my farm grow. It’s a great alternative to a lot of the games for the XBOX 360 console, which are so violent and often times stress-inducing. This game is relaxing, and fun.

Farming Simulator has an ESRB rating of E, for everyone. This game is appropriate for anyone young enough to play and understand the controls, but it also a game that I myself, as an adult, enjoyed. It’s not solely for kids or children, it’s simply suitable for them as well.

Overall, I really liked the Farming Simulator video game for XBOX 360. It would make a great holiday gift for any kid, teen, or adult who enjoys these types of video games. Farming Simulator is also available for the Playstation 3, PCs and Macs, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation Vita, and on mobile devices and tablets.

Buy it: You can buy Farming Simulator on Amazon, Xbox Live, or Playstation Network. You can find exactly where to buy on the Farming Simulator Website.

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