DecoFlair sent rustic Christmas decorations and candles for my review. All opinions are my own.

Christmas is the main holiday that I get excited to decorate for. I don’t have kids so I don’t really decorate for any holidays other than Christmas. I like setting up our tree and decorating it. I’ve been working on growing my ornament collection since I first moved out on my own about five years ago. I’ve found that I am drawn to rustic Christmas decor (or honestly, rustic decor in general) so I was excited to see the selection of rustic looking ornaments available through DecoFlair.

DecoFlair snowflake ornaments

I love their twig snowflakes that come in two sizes. They have a really rustic look while also fitting into the holiday theme perfectly. They feel a bit delicate but they’re really lightweight so I expect them to show up on the tree really well. I’m always bummed when ornaments are so heavy that they kinda sink into the branches.

DecoFlair sisal woodland Animals ornaments

I was also sent a trio of sisal woodland animals that have a really unique design. They look pokey but don’t actually hurt to touch. The squirrel comes with an acorn in its hands and has twiggy little feet. The bird has a twiggy tail and the polar bear is just too cute. They are all lightweight so they’ll hang nicely on a tree instead of sinking in from their weight.

DecoFlair mason jar Candles

In addition to having holiday decor items, DecoFlair also has some items that would work nicely has holiday gifts. Candles are one of my go-to gift ideas for women and their mason jar candles are a great mixture of feeling festive while not being so centered around a christmas theme that they would be odd to give as a gift. The jars are come in green, red or white depending on the scent you order (green is winter wood scent, red is apple spice scent  and white is peppermint frost scent). I was sent white and red and both smell amazing. The front of each jar has a rustic looking snowflake so they’ll blend in with your decor all through the winter.

For more rustic holiday decor or gift ideas check out the DecoBreeze/DecoFlair website. Their e-catalogs (accessible at the bottom of the website) have some products that are not listed for sale on the site.

DecoFLAIR Hobnail Glass Candle trio

Win it: One person will win a trio of Hobnail Glass Candles (pictured above) from Decoflair – one red, one green and one white (Scents are rustic apple spice, rustic winter woods and rustic peppermint frost).

To enter: Fill out the GT form by 11:59pm EST on 11/18/2015. Giveaway is open to the US.

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