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I’m not a big fan of the dentist.  It seems that no matter how many times I floss and brush, it’s never enough.  I feel like I’m getting the 3rd degree as they demand to know how many times a day I’m doing each.  I just could never understand since I hear stories about older relatives who never brushed their teeth and never had a single cavity in their entire life.  So why I’ve had a couple when I brush and floss twice a day while rarely drinking soda or eating candy is beyond me.  So on my quest to better teeth and a better way, I found WELdental.  Since I know I’m not alone in this struggle, I wanted to include them in our Holiday Gift Guide coverage as their products would make fantastic gifts under the tree this Christmas.


WELdental Water Flosser

This was my first experience with a water flosser so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by each aspect of the WELdental WELflosser.  Once unboxed, there was basically no assembly.  I just followed the step-by-step directions provided to get started.  I placed a Toothpaste Tablet in my WELtip and snapped it onto the handle.  Then I filled the water reservoir with warm water and was all set to go.  Per instructions, I turned the power on.  I’ll admit right now, I’m glad nobody was watching because I didn’t realize that the second the power turned in, water would start shooting out.  I was so surprised that I soaked the mirror and myself before realizing I needed to place the WELtip in my mouth!  I imagine my husband would have gotten quite the chuckle out of that because I sure did when the exact same thing happened later on to him!

WELdental Couples Set Water Flosser WELflosser

Results:  Both my husband and myself have been pleased with the clean feeling left behind after using this Water Flosser.  The toothpaste pellets are awesome and the flavors have been pleasant.  I love that the combination of the WELtab Toothpaste Tablets and WELtip as they provide a 360 degree clean around each and every tooth.  Thy Xylitol that is delivered with each use reduces harmful bacteria to both the tooth and gum pockets, providing an ultimate cleaning.

WELdental 3

The WELdental Water Flosser is a great product that we highly love and recommend!  It’s perfect for use with braces as well as other dental pieces.  Truly a great way to healthier gums and teeth and I’m actually looking forward to my next dentist appointment to see if my hygienist notices!

WELdental Couples Set Water Flosser WELflosser

Buy It: Head over to WELdental to see for yourself the great selection of products they offer.

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Win It: WELdental is currently running a great giveaway in partnership with Emily Reviews!  So head over and enter to win the Grand Prize of a WELflosser Water Flosser Ultimate Couples Set.  There will also be 10 additional winners who will receive a WELtip + WELtabs.  Good luck!

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  • mycraftingworld

    That flosser sounds like it would be real good to help anyone that wants better mouth hygiene. I like the tablets that can be added too.

  • Sue Hull

    My daughter really needs one of these. She didnt have dental coverage and she couldnt afford to pay so she went 6 yrs without seeing a dentist. I kept nagging her to go but she’s an adult so I couldnt make her. Boy did I want to. Now she needs $4500.00 of work done. Thats doing a couple crowns and having 3 wisdom teeth pulled. I told her she should have listened to me. This is really cool though. I have to admit I did chuckle a bit when you said you got the mirror and yourself wet. Lol! I did enter 🙂

  • Doris Calvert

    I use to have one a long time ago and they make a huge difference, I would love to have one again.

  • Deb E

    I had an old WaterPik I finally got rid of. It was so loud I never used it! I actually donated it but would love to get a new, quiet one. I just can’t take all that noise first thing in the morning. I’ve entered a few of these contests but have yet to win!

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