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Drop Stop sent me Drop Stops for my review. All opinions are my own.

Do you ever accidentally drop your keys or other small objects between your vehicle seat and the center console? It’s always been frustrating when that happens to me. With my current vehicle it’s particularly annoying because the seats sit pretty high up from the floor. When items drop between the seat and the console, they of course fall all the way to the ground so I have to dip half my arm into the crack to reach whatever I dropped and it usually hurts to try to squeeze my arm in there.

Drop Stop

Drop Stops are a really simple concept but so useful. The Drop Stop is a wedge that fits between your vehicle seat and the console to fill in the gap. This way if you drop your keys, change or phone while your hand is in that area, it will stay resting on top of the drop stop instead of falling in the crack. The wedge stays in place nicely because it has a cut out hole that goes over your seat belt buckle. Plus, it has the added bonus of keeping the buckle in place which is nice if you own one of those cars where you always have to dig and find the buckle.

When you order Drop Stop it comes with two wedges, one for each side of the console in your front seat and in my vehicle (a dodge dakota) the wedges fit perfectly.

Drop stop

My dogs are major lap dogs so when we take them to the vet they both usually want to sit on my lap. They’re too big to both comfortably sit on my lap without their legs falling off the sides, so whichever one ends up nearest the console usually has their back paws fall into the crack. Now the drop stop will be there to kind of extend the width of the seat making it easier to ride with them both on my lap!

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  • Deb E

    I have a built in console between my seats so don’t think this particular one would work. I’ve lost things down my seat, so could use some kind of version though. Maybe I can make my own! I bet lots buy this if it fits their auto.

  • Mary Rutter

    With the Drop stop Nothing is going to fall through the space between the seat

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