Oak Leaf Review & Cosmetic Organizer Giveaway (5/24/2016)

Oak Leaf LLC sent me products to review. All opinions are my own.

When it comes to buying products for my house, one of my favorite items to shop for is any sort of storage or organization product. It feels so nice to find a storage solution for any part of my home. Creating a unique space for each item to belong makes cleaning easier and just makes my house feel less chaotic to me.

I was recently sent two organizational products from Oak Leaf LLC. Oak Leaf is an amazon store that offers a variety of house and home products at low prices.

oak leaf bins

The first was a product titled “Food Storage Container, x chef lock and seal freezer storage container set of 4” on amazon. It’s an adult-sized lunch bag in a gender neutral red tone. It comes with four plastic rectangular boxes, with snap-on lids. I primarily went with this because of the storage containers. I don’t like wasting single-use plastic bags for food leftovers, so I use storage bins like this on a nearly daily basis. I had a set from several years ago but a few pieces broke leaving me with a mix-matched partial set. Each bin is pretty big, big enough for a sandwich and extras. All four bins can fit into the lunch bag at the same time. Three stack on top of each other, and the fourth can be stacked vertically next to the stack of 3. They are plastic but are rated to be microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. I don’t like to use any plastic in the microwave so I’ve only used these in the fridge so far but they are convenient. I use them for leftover tacos, stir-fry and similar foods. While I primarily like using the containers at home for leftover storage, I like that they fit perfectly into the lunch bag so we could take it to the beach or on a picnic if we plan an outing.

oak leaf llc makeup organizer

I was also sent the Oak Leaf Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer. I have a horizontal dresser with a large mirror attached to it. I tend to apply my makeup in the bedroom, because the mirror in our bathroom is too tall for me to access. It’s bolted onto the wall (I am renting) so we can’t lower it without risking damage to the walls. Anyway, my dresser had become overrun with bits and pieces of my makeup and accessories which just looked bad. I had a few makeup bags that I tried using, but when I was getting ready to go somewhere i’d dig through the bags to find what I wanted, and by the time I was done my makeup was all over. When I saw the acrylic makeup organizer I thought it would be perfect. I like how it can display a lot of makeup at once while still keeping everything in it’s place.

The top of the organizer has several slots that seem to be intended for lipstick or lip gloss as they are too narrow for nail polish, and too short for makeup brushes or eyeliner, etc. I tend to stick to a few tried and true lipsticks, so that part of the organizer is slightly underused for me. The other side on top has long, skinny slots that are perfect for eyeliner, mascara, make-up brushes or any other long, skinny items you may have. In front of that area is a shallow open square space which can fit almost anything, really. I chose to use it for my cream foundations, primer and beauty blender. It also has four drawers. There are two narrow drawers on the top layer, then two wide drawers at the bottom. They aren’t very tall so they’re good for makeup that isn’t very high like small eye shadow pallets, a brow kit, power foundations, etc. I put my brow kits and bronzer/highlighter kit in one side, and my concealers on the right side. The two lower drawers are generously sized and can fit a lot of smaller cosmetics. I use one for my powder foundations and eyebrow pallets, and the lower one for my individual eye shadow sets.

I have quite a bit of makeup, so it doesn’t hold everything I own. However, it fits all of my go-to products in it, and I put the rest in a single makeup bag. Seems how I don’t often use any of the makeup in the bag, having the organizer has cut back a lot on clutter.

Win it: An acrylic cosmetic organizer!

oakleaf makeup organizer

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  • Deb E

    I have something similar to this and like the drawer part on the bottom. Unfortunately my place is so dusty, the top part gets, you guessed it, dusty! I could cover it I guess but these are nice for display.

  • DeAnna Keller

    This is so nice and would be perfect for my makeup, brushes, eyeliners, and any other utensils I have! I need organization in that department! lol Everything gets scattered around my dresser and bathroom sink.

  • Alison Perrone

    This makeup organizer would be the perfect addition to my room. I am SO messy and my makeup is all over but this organizer would motivate me to keep it organized.

  • Christina Moore

    This would make a great gift for my daughter

  • Susan Chester

    The makeup I have the most of is lipsticks.Way too many!

  • Christie

    I need something like this to organize y makeup. Right now I have it all shoved in a bag smh, its hard to find what you’re looking for.