By Asha

October 22nd, 2016

Thank you to Test Assured for sending a water testing kit for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

Water Testing Kits

We’ve lived in our home for about two and a half years. We have a well and haven’t really had any issues with the water so we’ve never done our own water testing. I was excited to get the opportunity to partner with Test Assured to use their Water Testing Kit to test our drinking water.

Our daughter gets special ‘nursery water’ from the store, which was a recommendation from her doctor. My husband and I drink out of the tap. We do have a reverse osmosis system that came with our home that filters our water. The water I used for the test came out of the tap that we drink out of, so it was tested after being filtered through the reverse osmosis system.

Water Testing Kits

The test kit came with directions. It was very easy to preform the tests and the results on all of them but the bacteria were all quick. From start to finish It only took me about fifteen minutes. The water testing kit tests for the following 10 areas:
Lead Test
Bacteria Test
Pesticide Test
Nirtrates & Nirtrites
Chlorine Level
pH Levels Check
Water Testing Kits

As I was doing the testing I was thinking to myself that testing water like this would make a great activity (science experiment) to do with your school age children. It was fun to watch the strips turn colors and then analyze what the colors meant.Thankfully on the 9/10 tests that have been completed so far I found no problems with our drinking water. I am waiting on the bacteria test which takes two days to complete. I do not anticipate any problems there either, but it really gives me a piece of mind to know that our drinking water is safe!

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