By Lakota

December 14th, 2016
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Thank you to DZRshoes for providing me with product in exchange for review purposes. All opinions belong to me. 

My husband is one of the few men out there that admit to being picky about style and clothing. Not only does something need to be stylish but also efficient. A common theme is clothing with more than one use. While combo apparel is normally hard to find, DZRShoes has succeeded in style and purpose.

dzr shoes review

DZRShoes is a company striving for superior bicycling shoes without compromise to style. They offer a few different types of shoes some that allow the addition of cleats, some that don’t, some that are waterproof and some that aren’t. Almost all of the styles have that hipster flair but with so much more functionality than the average sneaker. These shoes are perfect for going to work, and then cycling the roughest terrain right after with a perfectly smooth transition.


My husband picked out the Terra Forest LTD shoes in size 45. He felt that the sizing was pretty accurate and that once he wore the shoes a couple of times that fit was perfect for his feet. My husband is by no means a serious cycler, but did find that he really appreciated the fiberglass reinforced power plate when pedaling around the town with our kids. He felt they really helped his foot push the power into the pedal rather than his foot wrapping around the pedal and creating a sore spot in the arch of this foot. He did mention they aren’t the shoes he would choose to wear say around a large amusement park as the stiff power plate just doesn’t do much for extended walking periods.



The shoes have a subtle but extremely bright reflector strip in the back to help with visibility which, when cycling, you can never have too much of. The option for cleats is a feature in this shoes but my husband has yet to use that feature. The grip on these shoes is outstanding, with all natural gum rubber soles. The power strap on the shoes was something my husband had to get used to but found himself really appreciating as we wasn’t needing to tighten loosening shoes laces throughout a bike ride.


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