RaesWear Review – 360 Degree Waistband Pocket Athletic Pants + Discount Code

By Emily Benzing

December 17th, 2016

Thank you to RaesWear for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

I am a huge wearer of athletic clothes. I dress nice on occasion, but most of the time you can find me wearing leggings, yoga pants, hoodies, and tennis shoes. I find that there’s happiness in comfort, so that’s how I dress. My clothes also keep me flexible and ready for anything. When I go out, I hardly ever bring a purse or anything with me besides my phone and debit card. I’m just that on-the-go sometimes. When RaesWear contacted me and wanted to do a review of their athletic pants, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

RaesWear is a brand that has made athletic wear even more easy. All of their pants feature a 360 degree waistband pocket. With a pocket on the front and back, they come together to make one big pocket to store items like your keys, cards, money, phone, and whatever else you need to carry on-the-go. All of their athletic pants feature comfort, flexibility, safety, and convenience.


I received the RaesWear Leggings for review. I wanted a size small and was concerned about how they would fit, but they are perfectly shaped to my body! I have never felt more comfortable in a pair of leggings before. My favorite feature has to be the fact that they aren’t see through. Usually I buy a pair of leggings and don’t even realize you can see my underwear through them. With RaesWear, I didn’t have to worry about that at all. I felt so confident wearing these leggings that I knew I could wear them anywhere.


The RaesWear Leggings are made from polyester and spandex. It basically feels like cotton, but wicks like a performance fabric. The only thing I had a problem with was the lint sticking to the fabric. It seemed like every piece of lint or hair stuck to the surface, so I had to keep a lint roller on hand in case it got too bad. The RaesWear website does tell you to use a lint roller to remove debris, so I found that nice that they knew that might be a problem and already suggested a solution.


Overall, I am so pleased with RaesWear and their leggings. I have finally found a comfortable pair of leggings that shape to my body with their stretchy fabric and aren’t see through. Being so on-the-go sometimes as well as being a couch lounger, these were honestly perfect for any occasion. I will definitely be looking into buying more from their website!

Buy It: If you like what you see, check out the RaesWear website and see more products. RaesWear was also nice enough to offer a discount code for 15% off your purchase. The code is: Emily15

Connect: Be sure to follow RaesWear on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube

Emily B


Hello! I’m Emily Benzing, a writer for Emily Reviews. I live with my boyfriend and super playful cat, named Jimmy. I enjoy collecting all kinds of items from stamps and stickers to Funko Pops. I love doing makeup, watching sports, reading, writing, and going to the movies. Being adventurous and trying new things is what life is all about!

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  • Dandi D

    These pants look really comfy and practical too!

  • The pants look nice. I love the pocket. I am glad they fit well. Thank you for the discount code and the review.

  • Deb E

    I’m a huge on wearing athletic clothes as well. Many of my nicer black yoga pants actually look dressy–nothing like sweats for sure. I love this pocket feature. I’m always wearing a little pack around my waist and this would be a nice alternative.

  • Barrie

    I wear baggie sweat pants for pockets. I love how these pants fit well and the pocket is amazing! These pants would look great with a tshirt and sneakers or a sweater and boots!

  • Amber Ludwig

    Omgosh that is brilliant!! How genius!! I totally need like 5 pairs lol!! One for every day 😉 I have never heard of them!

  • Crystal Rogers Walker

    These are wonderful and they look so comfortable, I need a pair or two of these, great review love thwem

  • ellen beck

    I really like the idea of the pocket in the waistband. Thats really pretty brilliant. All you would need to carry is a waterbottle and keys. I spend alot of time casual too. I havent worn leggings much… I am kind of self conscious about them. I also have seen the see through ones! You look great in these, and they sound perfect.

  • Elle Tucker

    Yay, athletic pants with a pocket! I have the hardest time keeping my phone safe (I use it to listen to podcasts during walks) and the pocket on my workout jacket are so shallow I’ve taken to pinning one closed. These look very comfortable. 🙂

  • Dotty J Boucher

    I do like these, I really like that they have a place to put your cell phone, I know often I am out walking to lose
    weight and don’t have that place for my cell phone.

  • Jeanine Carlson

    I love the pocket!! Those look so comfortable too!

  • Zoey

    I love a good pair of athletic pants. These look so comfortable!

  • Jamie S

    I love the pocket, this would be a major game changer for my yoga pant uniform! However, I don’t know that I could try these particular leggings due to the lint sticking. I have 3 dogs, two long-haired, so I struggle with any clothes that collect hair! If they have them in another material though I’m all for it!

  • Michelle S

    I love these pants! I hate not having a pocket in most workout clothes. What a clever solution.

  • Lauryn R

    I couldn’t agree more, comfort is happiness in my opinion too! 🙂 I am in love with that waistband pocket, that is the coolest feature that I have ever seen in a pair of leggings! I think I’m definitely going to have to get myself a pair now. Thank you so much for your review and the discount code!

  • Katie s

    I appreciate you bringing up the lint part in this post. I always have that issue with leggings! I love the pocket though and how they don’t show your underwear. That’s very important to me. I wonder how much pet hair these would pick up.

  • Lynne B

    I love these pants/leggings! I think all the women I know would love them! And a front/back pocket too!!!


    I love to wear leggings they are so cute I love to be comfortable and I will have to get a pair of these

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