belVita Breakfast Biscuits – A Quick & Easy Balanced Breakfast

I know it’s cliche but I can’t believe it’s 2017 already. The end of each year goes by really quickly for me because of my holiday gift guide. I get so busy from November on that those two months just fly by. While we’re four days into 2017 now, I’m just now reflecting on 2016 as a whole. I lost about 25 pounds from late 2015 through the end of 2016, which I am really proud of. My boyfriend has been on a weight loss journey since July of 2015 and I started shortly after he did.

While we don’t often eat the same foods, we both focus on counting calories. To stay full while eating a low calorie diet, we need to made sure that the foods we chose have protein and fiber to keep us feeling full. I am so excited to have recently discovered belVita Breakfast Biscuits. They are low calorie breakfast foods that are found in the cracker aisle. They provide fiber and protein in each serving and are designed to provide you with 4 hours of energy. Plus, they are fairly low in calories. I went to my local Walmart and chose two belVita biscuit varieties to try out.

belvita breakfast at walmart

I picked belVita breakfast biscuits in blueberry. These come with 5 packs. Each pack includes four biscuits each. They total 230 calories and give you 18g of while grains per serving, as well as 3g of fiber and 4g of protein per serving. These are perfect for pairing with yogurt and blueberries for a well rounded and filling breakfast that is quick and easy. No cooking required at all.

Belvita soft baked banana bread

The second item that I picked was belVita soft baked biscuits in banana bread. I absolutely love banana muffins and banana bread which is exactly how these taste. The soft baked biscuits are just one per package but they are large, soft and thick like a really soft cookie. These taste so good that it seems like I’m treating myself, yet they are just 200 calories each and I get 4g of fiber and 3g of protein per serving! Just like the other belVita biscuits, if you pair this with milk or yogurt and fresh fruit you’ll have a well rounded breakfast that doesn’t require any cooking or prep.

 belVita blueberry breakfast biscuits

If you’ve enjoyed belVita breakfast biscuits in the past, keep your eye out for new varieties! The new options include belVita breakfast biscuit bites in cinnamon brown sugar, breakfast biscuits in toasted coconut, and breakfast sandwiches in Strawberry yogurt and Vanilla yogurt.

I’ve found that I do a better job of sticking to my calorie limit when I can do so without much effort. I need to have a way to stay within my calorie limit for each meal without cooking required for those days where I run short on time. With belVita Biscuits on hand I can have those “too busy to cook” mornings without having to eat junk or high calorie on the go foods.

Many Walmart stores will be having belVita Breakfast biscuits in-store events this weekend, Saturday the 6th and Sunday the the 7th from 12:30 to 6:30pm. The in-store events will include breakfast samples, exclusive savings, smoothies, giveaways and more!

Plus, use the Ibotta app when shopping at Walmart to save more on your purchase of belVita Breakfast Biscuits.

Do you keep low-calorie on the go products on hand? I’ve found it makes all the difference in helping me make a good choice on busy days.




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  • Julie

    I love something quick and easy for breakfast. These breakfast biscuits would be perfect.

  • I love the idea of no prep for this. I am looking for a different item for breakfast now that is low in calories/sugar and have some protein and fiber. This sounds like just what I need. I am going to Walmart this weekend. I will pick some up thank for the review.

  • Michelle S

    My daughter is a big fan of these. She likes the Cinnamon soft ones. She typically has one of these after school before basketball practice.

  • Amber Ludwig

    Mmmm!! These are so delicious!! I love these and a banana for breakfast in the morning!! Seriously great little pick me up when you are in a rush out the door!!

  • ellen beck

    I really like these. For me, they work for breakfast or for lunch. I like the wway they taste, not too terrible sweet. I also like they arent like a granola bar . The originals are probably my very favorite. I also like a banana with them, it is a great combo.

  • Lynne B

    These biscuits taste really good! They really do help keep you feeling full from all the protein in it. These are great to keep in the glove compartment of your car. I have diabetes so these are great when my sugar gets low and I’m not home.

  • Sarah L

    I’ve tried the soft belvita and liked them. Good to have for a snack after swimming.

  • Jeanine Carlson

    I saw someone post that there were holiday flavors but I didn’t see them in time :/

  • Susan Hartman

    Surprisingly those biscuits are pretty filling. I like the crunchy ones myself. I grab a package and out the door I run.

  • Barrie

    My hubby is keeping an eye on his calories through SparkPeople app so I’ll tell him about this tasty-sounding, filling breakfast!

  • Deborah D

    I had them one time and they are delicious! I can’t wait to try the new varieties.

  • kathi bennett

    I prepare myself everyday so I don’t get hungry and over indulge, I’ve been eating BelVita biscuits for a couple years now, they are handy if you are always running around and busy.

  • Susan Hartman

    I rely on these for an on the go breakfast. I like the crunchy blueberry ones the best. Great for dunkin in coffee too.

  • Susan Hartman

    I always keep a box of these in my pantry. If you need breakfast as you are running out the door – you got it.

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