I received two passes to the Ark Encounter in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Have you ever wondered what it was REALLY like on Noah’s Ark?  While there are some details told in the Bible, there’s speculation on many other pieces of this history.  If you’re curious and want to learn more, consider heading to northern Kentucky for a visit to the most authentic replica of Noah’s Ark that’s found anywhere in the world, the Ark Encounter!

So How Big Was The Ark?

This is one piece of information that the Bible was clear about.  God instructed Noah on the specific measurements that would be needed to withstand an intense worldwide flood, both to not break or overturn while also being able to support the animals and supplies.  This massive boat was to be built 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high.  To put those numbers into perspective, just picture 7 stories high and 1 1/2 football fields long!

Was It Really Possible For Noah & His Family To Care For All Those Animals?

Absolutely.  The strategic design of the Ark would have made it very possible.  Access to fresh air, water, and waste management through a variety of pulley systems and layout designs offers a manageable way to care for all the animals while also keeping the Ark ventilated.

But Could All Those Animals Fit?

Yes again.  It would make perfect sense for God to have sent juvenile animals as opposed to full grown ones.  Younger animals take up less space, eat less, and have less waste. Plus, they would have a longer lifetime to repopulate the Earth after exiting the Ark.  In addition, each kind of animal pair would be able to reproduce a variety of their species based on their heritage.  This means that Noah wouldn’t have needed every single kind of bear alive to end up with all the kinds out there today.  This would hold true for all the different kinds of animals.

Ark Encounter

After parking, a shuttle bus transports visitors the mile trek up to the Ark Encounter.  As guests approach this impressive structure, it’s clear this will be an experience like no other.  From the very first glimpse, this towering ship brings history to life in a jaw-dropping way!

The Ark Encounter offers world-class exhibits throughout their three tour decks.  We were able to get answers to big questions about the biblical account of Noah and the Ark as we toured Noah’s world  aboard this massive “floating zoo”.

As we approached the Ark and entered the first deck, sounds of thunder and rain surrounded us.  It really impeded our senses and almost brought a feeling of urgency as I allowed myself to get lost in the experience.  The low lighting and realistic design makes the Ark Encounter feel extremely authentic.

Deck 1:

The Flood begins and Noahs’ family is now on the ark with all the animals.  As we toured this first floor, we saw a variety of animal exhibits, learned about types of creatures, and got to see how it would have been possible to have so many animals as well as food and water on board.  The giant ramps also allowed traveling from deck to deck possible for people and animals alike.

Deck 2:

The technology of the ark offers the insight I needed to see how things really could have worked to make this giant feat possible.  The featured exhibits show how Noah’s family could have maintained the Ark while caring for thousands of animals.  Our family especially enjoyed The Noah Interview Theater where we viewed a short video that shared about how the world was in Noah’s day and how they scoffed at Noah for building the Ark.  Even so, Noah stayed the path God gave him and finished the task.

Deck 3:

This deck was also fascinating.  I loved seeing what the family’s living quarters could have looked like.  Being that God never told them how long they would live on the Ark, it’s very possible that they created a nice space for resting, relaxing, and to help keep morale up.  Continuing on, the As In The Days Of Noah Theater shared a video, while the rest of the deck is filled with Noah’s Ark books as well as a variety of scriptures from around the world dating back over hundreds and even thousands of years, and finally a Why The Bible Is True exhibit.  Our 6 year old son absolutely LOVED this final exhibit as it was in comic book form.  He stopped and read the entire thing (which took him about half an hour)!


There’s More!

There are also several other experiences, food, and things to do at the Ark Encounter.  Guests can take a ride on the Screaming Eagle Zip Line, visit the Ararat Ridge Zoo, pan for fossils at the Fossil Find, visit a Pottery Shot, grab a bite to eat at Emzara’s Kitchen Restaurant, and more.  While we didn’t do it all, our kids did have a blast at the Fossil Find while everyone enjoyed the buffet at Emzara’s.  We choose to sit outside on the deck and enjoy the view of the bow end of the Ark while we ate which made the experience even better.  (If you’re wondering, the fried chicken was amazing!)

Ticket Prices

There are several options available when visiting the Ark Encounter.  General admission one day tickets are

Adults – $40
Seniors – $31
Children – $28
Kids Under 5 – free

To save money, guests can purchase a combo ticket for the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum for a slightly discounted price.  Another option is an unlimited 7 day combo ticket which runs $99 per person, ages 5 and up.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, the Ark Encounter was absolutely awesome.  Everything felt so real and it was easy to get lost in what life really could have been like back on the Ark.  The incredible craftsmanship was breathtaking and I truly learned a lot as I’ve always wondered how Noah and his family could have managed.  Throughout the entire Ark, the Bible is quoted and many exhibits show how what the Bible says actually does hold true.  Our family spent just over 6 hours at the Ark Encounter and, honestly, we could have been there even longer if the kids wouldn’t have been getting tired!  The one thing I’d love to see changed is a lower entry fee to make this wonderful attraction available to more people.

Visit: Head over to Ark Encounter to learn more and start planning your visit today!

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  • bill birchfield

    problem: i see steel tools on display. we couldn’t forge steel 4500 years ago
    problem: they used pulleys. the wheel was not invented then
    problem: a wooden boat that big could not survive the rolling seas.
    problem: the “world wide flood” would mean there is little oxygen at 29000 ft.
    problem: at that flood level the water would freeze.
    problem: a boat that big was not large enough for all the animals in existence.
    problem: dinosaurs could not “adapt” or evolve to all the dinosaurs in 4500 years.
    problem: milled lumber was not in use yet.
    problems, problems, problems.

    • Holly

      Fact: “No archeological discovery has ever controverted a biblical reference. Score of archeological findings have been made which confirm in clear outline or exact detail historical statements.” –Dr. Nelson Glueck (Authority on Israeli Archeology)

      Fact: Manuscripts:
      ~Plato – earliest copy about 900 AD (12oo years after writing) and there are only 7 copies
      ~Aristotle – earliest copy 1100AD (1400 years after writing)
      ~Homer – earliest copy 400BC (500 years after writing)
      Yet nobody doubts these writings. But yet:
      ~New Testament – earliest copy 125AD (25-75 years after writing) which means that people were STILL alive to authenticate! There are 24,643 manuscripts or pieces of manuscripts found to date.

      Fact: There is no mention in the Bible or even a hint to what tools were used. We have no idea what ancient technologies were available or used as any record kept would have been destroyed. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Noah didn’t use or have access to metal. We do know, based on Genesis 4:22 that just a few generations after Adam, they were using bronze and iron. So it’s very possible that Noah may have used more metal than we do today.

      Fact: While God gave dimensions, he doesn’t specify the exact shape of the Ark. As a matter of fact, the proportions are just like a modern cargo ship. The 1993 Korean study by Dr. Seon Hong at the world-class ship research center, was unable to find fault with these specifications either. The Ark’s careful balance is easily lost of any proportions are modified! The study confirmed that the Ark could handle waves as high as 100 ft.

      Fact: The flood did not happen on today’s Earth. The world is not the same now as it was before the flood or even during. Mountains, continents, and oceans basins of today’s earth were more leveled out (as would be expected in a global flood). The planet’s surface water alone would cover the earth an estimated 1.66 miles deep (about 8,000 feet). Yet, Cusco, Peru, is around 11,000 feet above sea level and no oxygen tank is needed. Also, atmospheric air pressure is relative to sea level. So as rising sea levels push the air column higher, the air pressure at sea level would stay the same.

      There are answers, answers, answers but, as stated in the picture above: If the devil can convince you the flood isn’t real, then he can convince you Heaven and Hell are not real.

  • ellen beck

    I think this would be an interesting thing to see. I also agree with you the admission price is a bit steep and it was say halfed it would allow more to see it. I had just seen something on TV about the fella that built this, ans it was fascinating. It looks like your family had a great time!

  • Terra Heck

    Wow, that would be quite the experience! I’d love to go see it someday. I agree that the admission price is pretty steep but I’d be willing to pay it if it lasts at least six hours like you mentioned.

  • Brandon

    No archaeological reference to biblical my gosh you’ve obviously never seen Raiders of the lost Ark come on let’s get real. Why don’t y’all get a damn education. Y’all need Jesus. Are you seriously calling Dr. Jones a liar let me see your PhD. How dare you speak such nonsense get your facts straight next time.

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