Pleasant Hill Grain Tabletop Fruit Press Review

Thank you to Pleasant Hill Grain for providing me with products to facilitate my blog review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Pleasant Hill Grain is a one-stop-shop for your homesteading needs. They offer fruit presses, meat processing tools, food preservation supplies, emergency preparedness items and so much more. Pleasant Hill Grain is also a great place to go for information, tips, and tricks.

We have a few fruit trees on our property. For the last two years, I have thought about making apple cider. I have never done it before, but have heard it is a lot of fun. In August, I decided this was the year we were going to give it a try. I reached out to Pleasant Hill Grain. They were happy to send me a Tabletop Fruit Press for review.

In September, our trees started dropping fruit. We collected a couple (laundry) baskets full of apples and set them aside for making apple cider. This last weekend, we sat down to make cider. We followed the instructions on how to properly set up the Tabletop Fruit Press. It was really easy to set up the Tabletop Fruit Press. The instruction booklet let us know that it was important to grind our fruit before putting it into the press chamber. We don’t have a fruit grinder so I pulled out our food processor. We shredded our apples and then added them to the Tabletop Fruit Press chamber. My husband held onto the base of the press, while the girls did the pressing. Their were squeals of delight as apple cider began draining through the Tabletop Fruit Press tube into our gallon jug. The girls we giddy seeing the results of our work.

The day was getting late so we didn’t get to finish our apple cider pressing. We did, however, have enough cider that we could all enjoy a glass with dinner. We had so much fun making our first batch of apple cider. This will for sure become a family tradition!

If you are looking for a small fruit press, I suggest the Tabletop Fruit Press. If you are looking for something to help you do a bigger job, Pleasant Hill Grains has fruit presses to fit your needs as well.

Have you ever made apple cider?

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  • Peggy S Nunn

    I have never known anyone that made their own apple cider. I bet it tasted good. Is there anything you can do with the pulp left over? Did they have a suggestion for any uses for that?

    • Hello, Peggy. That is a great question. We fed the pulp to our farm critters. They loved it! I would think you could do something else with it, but I don’t know for sure. Thank you for asking! 🙂

  • Lauryn R

    I have never made apple cider before, but it does look like a lot of fun! I am definitely going to look into getting a fruit press so I can do this with my kids as well. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Rosie

    This sounds so nice!!! I’m a DIY’er and would be a homesteader kinda gal if I could. Great to have fruit trees in your yard! I used to have a flour grinder and used it all the time. Not sure what happened to it when we moved. I want to check out this site!

  • ellen beck

    I love hearing about products like this. I am also glad to see much of this type of thingmaking a ‘come back’ I have no clue where it wen but my Mom had her Mothers fruit press and recall her making apple juices and ciders. I love the way they one you reviewed looks . I could see this being a great family tradition!

  • Margot C

    Looks like a fun project. Kids love this sort of thing, very cool.

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