Adult Holiday Drink: Holiday Road Punch

holiday road punch everclear

I was sent Everclear for inclusion in my gift guide. All opinions are my own.

The holiday season is just around the corner. As you start planning your holiday parties and gatherings, consider which drinks you plan to serve. I have to admit that for me, beverages are sometimes almost an afterthought that gets rushed. However, I love going to gatherings that have a unique beverage option. Everclear has a recipe for Holiday Road Punch which is a perfect adult-beverage option to offer the adults at your holiday gatherings.
Pomegranate green tea everclear

The Holiday Road Punch uses Pomegranate Green Tea as an ingredient, so you’ll start by making that first. The Pomegranate Green Tea recipe is available online. Credit for photo and recipe belongs to

You’ll need 8 bags of pomegranate green tea, 6oz of Everclear, 7oz of filtered water, and 13oz white simple syrup. Visit the link above for instructions on how to create.

Once you have the Pomegranate green tea made, you’re ready to move on to the Holiday Road Punch Recipe. Photo and recipe credit for this also belong to

You’ll need:
15oz pomegrante green tea liqour
5oz vodka
5oz white rum
10oz lime juice
10oz champagne

Combine all ingredients except champagne in a pitcher or punch bowl.
Mix and chill in refrigerator 8 hours or more (overnight works best).
Just before serving, add chilled champagne and stir carefully.
Add ice, along with 10 lime wheels.
Serve in punch glasses, ice optional.
Garnish with lime wheel (also optional).

holiday road punch everclear

I just love the presentation above. The color is gorgeous, the garnish provides nice contrast and the glasses are gorgeous, too. The little details can really help pull a party theme together.

Do you have adult-only parties during the holidays? Or does your family enjoy a drink during family events? What are your favorite cocktails?

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  • Susan Hartman

    I would love to try this one. I’ve never heard of Pomegranate Green Tea Liquor. This just sounds so interesting I have to try it!

  • ellen beck

    I dont drink very much but do enjoy things like this. I love the color, and the pomegranate would add a distinct flavor to it. It sounds not to difficult to make, and would be interesting.

    Actually, we have very little alcohol at family gatherings. At Christmas since hubbys family is Danish we do have glogg, which is a mulled wine drink. It is a nod to his family’s past more than anything. In fact, I have to learn to make it. His Aunt who used to make it passed this summer, and without her I doubt we would have it. It is quite good.

  • DJ

    This recipe sounds delicious! I’m always looking for new drinks to make at parties with friends. I will definitely try out this one. I think it would be a hit with my friends.

  • Laurie P

    all kinds of yummy!

  • Amber Ludwig

    Wooo!! This sounds like a pretty potent drink but also, seriously delish!! Must try!!

  • Lauryn R

    Wow, what a unique assortment of flavors and alcohols! It definitely reminds me of Christmas though. 🙂 I never drink except on special occasions, but I may have to try this with some friends. Thanks for sharing!

  • Barrie

    Although I don’t drink, my brother and his wife would like this. It really does sound good!

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