Modarri - the ultimate toy car
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I received product from Modarri to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

 If I’m going to be completely honest, I never used to care much for buying our boys gifts.  I found most of the stuff down the toy aisles to be pretty lame……  (Sorry!)  So when our three boys were a little younger, I left their gift buying to my husband.  While he would eventually find stuff that they liked well enough, it was a bit of a challenge for him as well.  He was hoping to find some classic toys that he remembered and loved playing with but the shelves were mostly filled with poorly made options instead.  But that all changed about two years ago.  I ended up being acquainted with Modarri and my husband was thrilled.  Because not only are Modarri Cars created for children, they are also perfect for teens and adults too!  And even more than that, both boys and girls seem to love them!

Modarri - the ultimate toy car

A Closer Look At Modarri: The Ultimate Toy Car

Since everyone wants to know what makes Modarri different and better than any other car on the market, let’s take a closer look at the features:

  • Mix & Match Building System: Modarri Cars are actually a mix and match building system as each car contains the same “basic” pieces, just in a variety of styles.  So you can swap parts, mix and match, and create unique cars.  The combinations are endless as each car features 11 interchangeable pieces.
  • Drive Them: Once you have your creation together, use your finger and you can actually drive your car around as they feature real steering and suspension mechanics!
  • Quick Assembly: Honestly, nobody wants to take all day to assemble anything.  Because the quicker you get something together, the sooner you get to enjoy it!  Faster assembly means more play!
  • Retained Screws: One of my first worries was the screws.  I really didn’t want to have to worry about losing pieces.  So just one of the great parts of Modarri construction is that they have designed the screws to stay retained in the components.
  • Durable: Constructed with real metal frames, strong mechanical linkage, and heavy duty plastic, these cars are going to bring years and even decades of enjoyment.
  • The Perfect Finish:  To create the ultimate toy car, Modarri even has a real, 2-step automotive paint for a beautiful, dazzling finish.

How It Works:

Modarri - the ultimate toy car

Deluxe 3-Pack Set

Check out this awesome Deluxe 3-Pack Set to get a good base to starting your Modarri collection or the perfect set to add on.

Deluxe S2 Muscle Set

The Deluxe S2 Muscle Set features the ultra cool blue and green hues.

Modarri - the ultimate toy car

These cars are so much fun.  Our family just can’t get enough!  They zip and zoom with ease, are easy to steer, and so much fun to mix, match, and switch up again and again.

Modarri - the ultimate toy car

Modarri - the ultimate toy car

Modarri - the ultimate toy car

Modarri - the ultimate toy car

Modarri - the ultimate toy car

So tell me, do you know someone who would love a Modarri Car this Christmas?

Learn more: Visit the Modarri website for even more details.

Buy It: Head over to Amazon to see for yourself the great selection of Modarri products available.

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Win It: Modarri is generously offering one of our lucky readers a Modarri Delux 3-pack! This giveaway is open to the US only and will end November 18th, 2017.  For your chance to win, enter the Giveaway Tools below. Good luck!
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