PetSafe sent me their decorative pet steps for my pets gift guide. All opinions are my own.

My pugs are now 12 and 13 years old. They are still happy, relatively healthy and they still like to play. For the most part, they seem like the same two dogs I brought home over four years ago. However, one way that their older age is showing is in their physical agility. About a year ago, Beans essentially stopped being willing to jump at all. She jumped down off the bed one day and didn’t catch herself so she landed on her hip. After that, she would not jump up or down except off the smallest of ledges. Frank can still jump and is happy to get on and off the couch and regular stairs pretty easily. However, he used to  jump from the floor up onto our bed and he started hesitating and waiting for us to assist him before jumping that high. It was at the maximum jump range anyway, he is slightly taller than Beans and she had never been willing to try jumping on the bed.

In the spring, I reviewed the Solvit Furniture Grade dog steps in the 3 step size. Our plan was to move these between the couch and our bed to use them for both purposes. They are rather heavy so we did not end up moving them back and forth. The 3 step set was a big too high for our couch, but perfect for our bed. Solvit products have now been acquired by PetSafe, and the stairs are now called PetSafe Decorative Pet Steps. We decided to get the two-step set to leave on the couch, so we could leave the 3 step set by the bed. The 2 step set is perfect for our couch. Frank is still comfortable jumping up onto the couch on his own so he doesn’t use them, although he does use the set in the bedroom. Beans gladly uses the steps in both locations.

PetSafe decorative dog stairs

These steps are hardwood and incredibly well made. In fact, they are so sturdy that we put corner caps on the sides of the steps because I kept bumping into them and bruising my shins! These did not come with the stairs, but we had them on hand from when we bought a pack to add to our old set of stairs. I didn’t think to get photos before applying the corner protectors, sorry about that.

While it is not something I would recommend because that is not the intended purpose, my nieces and nephews LOVE to sit on these steps and they support dogs of any size so they are sturdy enough to support children. I do try to discourage them from doing it, but I do think it speaks to how sturdy these really are.

petsafe decorative dog steps

The steps come with pads you can attach to the bottom of the stairs to prevent them from skidding. Our bedroom has hardwood floors and it holds the steps in place nicely as our dogs go up and down them. The larger of our dogs is only about 25-pound dogs, but they both get very excited when we wake up and when we go to bed, so they run and up down the steps pretty quickly and they stay firmly in place.

We bought some cheap dog steps shortly after beans lost her ability to jump. They would wobble under her weight (she’s only about 22 pounds!) so she was too afraid to use them at all. The fact that these steps are so sturdy is what allows both of my dogs to use them without fear. Of course, the fact that they really use them is what makes them worth purchasing. I highly recommend the PetSafe Decorative Pet Step.

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  • shannon fowler

    This would be perfect for our little pomeranian chihuahua. He gets so upset sometimes. He will try to jump up, but then there are times he just misses and falls.

  • John Smith

    I know our cat would love these!

  • Cheryl

    I wish our dogs would use these. I’ve never had one who would.

  • Barrie

    These look like high quality steps. One day we’ll need this for our dog but he’s 70lbs.

  • Sab Edwards

    We had steps for our old cat to get up on the super high bed (its tall enough my feet dont touch the ground either)

  • gloria patterson

    Its sad what we do for our furbabies! I have friends that look at me like I am nuts when I say something about I got this or that for my cats. But they are family and if they need a little help these steps are perfect. My sister has a small dog that she has used steps to bed for years.

    • Some people really think of their pets as more like objects. I’ve known people who don’t believe in taking their pets to the vet. They’re happy to spend money feeding them, but if they get sick or hurt they just wait it out no matter what the situation is. To me, that is very sad. My dogs are definitely family.

  • DJ

    This would be great for my senior pet as he has aches and pains now. I like that these steps look soft, like they would be more comfortable on my pup’s joints.

  • Melissa Storms

    My chihuahua will be only 2 years old in December but she has a bad rear hip joint and could use these steps. I have actually been considering getting her 2, 1 for our bed and 1 so she can climb up and look out of our front window. She will jump but often ends up limping for days afterward.

  • Cynthia R

    I’ve got a cat who is ill, right now he is able to jump up and down but I’m not sure if I’ll eventually need some kind of steps like these.

  • I sure could use these for my dog. He has to get a running start to jump on the bed and I can tell it hurts sometimes. And he won’t even try to jump into the SUV anymore. Try lifting a large dog. Hoping to have some money soon to get some steps. He’d be happy and so would I:) These look like they would work well and also attractive.

  • ellen beck

    I really like how well these look to be made. I can also see these being good for not just dogs, but also elderly cats. Our dog could likel make use of these, he isnt jumping up anymore, and these look sturdy enough to easily accommodate 50 pounds. Nice looking steps, and practical too.

  • Lauryn R

    These steps are awesome, and definitely the perfect solution for small/older dogs! I have had friends who have similar steps for their beds, but I have never seen ones short enough for couches. I like how they are nice and look like a piece of furniture, I love how sturdy they are as well! 🙂

  • Jennifer Boehme

    Sophia can not jump on anything. Being a puppymill survivor she was born and raised in a stupid cage so she never learned. I have tried to teach her, but she can’t. She stands by my leg and waits for me to boost her but up, even on the bed or recliner. I like they have these steps to help them, especially when older pups need the help.

  • Jill Jeffrey

    I love these stairs. My dog loves to jump up on the beds and couches but he is really short and I don’t want him to hurt his little legs. These stairs like this are perfect.

  • Laura

    I love the look of these stairs! We have a staircase for our corgi, but it’s plastic and does not look aesthetically appealing. These definitely look higher quality!

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