The Eternity Rose 24 Karat Gold Dipped Poker Cards

I received product from The Eternity Rose to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own.

Don’t let the name fool you.  The Eternity Rose Company also offers some other really great options.  This upmarket group of artisans have perfected the art and technique of dipping natural roses and other items in precious metals.  The results = an amazing gift that is sure to be treasured!

The Eternity Rose

Unique Gift Ideas

Even though The Eternity Rose has been supplying their products in Europe for over 9 years, the process is far from easy.  To deliver the amazing quality and results that they do, it takes 60 steps and 90 days to complete just one product.  While their flagship product is a gold dipped rose, keep reading to learn more about another option.  Not only does their product line make a great idea for upcoming Christmas gifts, keep them in mind when searching for Valentine’s Day Gifts come February too!

The Eternity Rose

24 Karat Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

When looking for a really spectacular gift for a man, it can be hard.  Most guys don’t really “need” much.  I know my husband wears the same pair of shoes year after year.  Not to mention the same few shirts, pants, and coat too.  When it comes to tools, he already has what he wants.  So I get stumped.  However, The Eternity Rose 24 Karat Gold-Dipped Poker Cards are so unique that they offer the wow factor I was looking for.

The Eternity Rose 24 Karat Gold Dipped Poker Cards

These tournament-standard, full-size poker playing cards come as a full deck of 54 (including two jokers).  Plus, they offer a refined and impressive appearance all thanks to its brilliant 24 karat gold electroplating.  I love that they come packaged in a dark green velvet-lined cherrywood presentation box. But don’t worry, you can display these or use them!  They can even be found being used in casinos throughout the world and are hard-wearing enough for use in poker tournaments.

The Eternity Rose 24 Karat Gold Dipped Poker Cards

While I tried to capture the brilliance of what these 24 Karat Gold Dipped Poker Cards offer in real life, it was impossible.  But I just wanted to share that they are really eye-catching in person. Visit to play unlimited gambling games online.

The Eternity Rose 24 Karat Gold Dipped Poker Cards

The Eternity Rose 24 Karat Gold Dipped Poker Cards

So what do you think?  Have you ever heard of The Eternity Rose before?  Which gift is your favorite?

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  • ellen beck

    I have heard and seen the eternity rose before. In fact I think I have one from a garage sale somewhere. I love these playing cards. My husband and his friends play cards here once a week usually on Mondays and play for quarters (not high stakes at all) they are all the older fellas and they have a lot of fun. I wonder how these shuffle? The look a tad thicker but you are pretty petite. They are impressive and I like them.

  • DJ

    These have such a great look to them. I know my hubby would love playing with these when he meets up with his friends twice a month for guys night. They definitely are a unique gift idea.

  • Amber Ludwig

    Wow!! What a gorgeous set!! I can imagine that any avid poker or card player would really be blown away by it!

  • Dorothy Boucher

    This is very nice and I know my hubby would love this, He and his friends play poker once a month, so I am sure this would be a treat for him.

  • Melissa Storms

    We play cards a lot. I think my husband would really like these cards.

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