Christmas Eve Traditions with Lazy One + $50 Gift Card Giveaway (1/15/18)

By Lakota

December 8th, 2017

Thank you to Lazy one for providing me with product in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. 

Family traditions are such an awesome concept. I read a long time ago that family traditions help your child feel secure and accepted regardless of what might be happening at school or in their friend circle. In all honesty the idea of family traditions helping kids feel included and confidant makes total sense, you know that you have a special group of people that do a special few things during the year together.

Given that my husband and I both never really had many traditions within our families we are scouring the internet often to find some cool ones to try out and see which feel right and stick with our family. Here are the few that we are incorporating this year around the holidays!

Tradition one: 

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The early Christmas Eve present. So every year we have bought the kids a new set of pajamas and wrapped them up with a new holiday book or movie as well as a pack of popcorn and a hot chocolate mix. This year we are changing it up thanks to the awesome folks at Lazy One who feature some pretty amazing family matching sets of pajamas. Now there is nothing cooler than seeing your parents in the same cute/funny flapjack sets as you! These matching sets from Lazy One are incredibly cozy, soft and adorable for the whole family. The perfect pictures you’ll get every year as you grow and add onto your family and all match every Christmas Eve are the best companion to the memories you’ll have of those special nights.

Tradition Two: 

lazy one review lazy one review

We make cookies together! Every year we go and buy a sugar cookie cut out kit and the funnest frostings and sprinkles to put together on the cookies. After all the cookies are all dry we put them into gift bags and the kids give them to all of our family members as gifts for Christmas. Our kids love making specific cookies for certain friends and family and I love seeing their proud faces as they gift them away!

Tradition Three: 

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We go pick out and cut down our tree. We then decorate the Christmas Tree together while listening to Christmas music. Now this one seems like such  small simple one but they way our tree transforms the house really makes an impact and its easily the event our kids are the most excited about. Each of our kids has a duty, someone has to untangle the lights, plug them in and check that they still work. Meanwhile another person will untangle all of the ornament hooks and pile them up and make sure all ornaments have their little hanger attached.

lazy one review

So there you have it our kids are still young yet, being only 6 and 3 and another due in March so our tradition list isn’t forever long but we plan to only keep adding onto it as we go! What do you guys do for your family traditions, whether holiday themed or not? I know I’ve learned it rarely matters what you’re doing as long as you’re doing it all together!

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