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First things first, I am not pregnant! I’m also not trying to conceive. I know the title would probably alarm some of you so I just had to say that first. I do take prenatals though, and I have for several months. I have an inherited collagen disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or EDS. This means the collagen that my body produces is not of very good quality. Collagen plays many roles in the body as it is sort of the “glue” that holds your body together. Due to my faulty collagen, my joints are very loose and hypermobile. Another problem I have due to EDS is weak or easily broken hair. I tend to have a lot of small, broken pieces of hair that stick out in all directions. My hair always looks like I have been dying it or using high heat on it all the time, except I never do any chemical treatments like dye or perm, and I never blow-dry, curl or flat iron my hair either. It’s just broken from regular, gentle use. I went to a dermatologist and he recommended that I start taking a prenatal because they are great for hair and nails.

Morning Pep prenatal vitamins

Morning Pep is a brand of prenatal that has a lot of bragworthy features in my opinion. It is a complete prenatal that supports optimum health for both mom and baby. It has all of the essential nutrients for expecting or nursing moms. It’s food-based and rich with nutrients, it’s designed to aid in morning sickness and nausea in an easy to swallow tablet. It is maximally effective to effectively support brain, eye and nervous system function. Folic-acid or folate is an important aspect of nutrition for expecting mother’s, and Morning Pep delivers it through L-Methyl folate which is the most bio-available and easily absorbed form. If you’re in the morning sickness phase, you’ll feel better knowing that Morning Pep is formulated with no smell and they are tasteless! The prenatal include a blend of enzymes and probiotics, and 800 MCG of folic acid.

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  • hannah

    I think the most important factor in a multivitamin or prenatal is what form the folate is, and I’m really happy to see that this brand uses the bio-available form!

  • Lauryn R

    These definitely sound like the perfect prenatal! I wish that they were around when I was pregnant with my three littles! I love that they are scent-free, which in my opinion was (the smell of most are awful) the worst when pregnant as your nose is EXTRA sensitive during this time. I have also heard of women taking them while not pregnant, they are so good for you! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • ellen beck

    I could see how taking prenatal makes sense and have heard of many who do it. I have contemplated it. I currently take a vitamin for women over uhhh hum 50 + and think it has all the good stuff, but this might be better.. I know my hair sounds like yours and if this would help hair skin and nail this might be worth looking into. I am glad this helps you!

  • Peggy Nunn

    I have thought about taking prenatal vitamins just because they are so packed with good things. I will have to ask my doctor about adding these to my regiment. Thank you for the review

  • Dana Rodriguez

    These sound like great vitamins. I have considered taking them myself for the added benefits.

  • Amy D

    This looks like a really good prenatal vitamin. I love that it contains probiotics and 800 MCG of folic acid.

  • Amy D

    This looks like a really good prenatal vitamin. I love that it contains probiotics and 800 MCG of folic acid.

  • I love that it’s easily absorbed!! You know ALL the vitamins and nutrients get into your system instead of wasted!! These sound fantastic and I take prenatals all the time for all the extra iron!

  • Sarah L

    I’ve never considered this kind of vitamins. I take vitamins every day.

  • gloria patterson

    I better look into these because my hair as little piece sticking out everywhere to. And I know that collegen is good for the joints.

  • katie

    My hair sounds the same as yours but I never thought it could be due to vitamins. I’ve been thinking of taking prenatals just to keep up with my vitamin intake. I’ll have to check this brand out.

  • MeMe R

    How did you figure out you had EDS? Did you extend your joints one too many times? I have Lupus and some other joint issues that I am trying to figure out right now. I am in a active phase of Lupus at the moment but once it settles I am going to see a genetics doctor to see if I can figure out what other issues are going on with me. I take a rx folic acid for my Lupus but these vitamins look pretty good too.

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