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NatureMade sent me products in exchange for this article. All opinions are my own.

I’ve been buying NatureMade vitamins and supplements for over 10 years, so when they reached out to me about a partnership, I was happy to say yes. 

Doctor recommended supplements for epilepsy or seizures and ehlers danlos syndrome

All of the NatureMade products that I take were suggested to me by doctors. My neurologist recommended that I take D3 as a protective measure because of the anti-seizure medication that I take for my epilepsy. I’m not a medical professional so I don’t understand it in great detail, but they said that it’s important to have D3 and calcium in my diet, because it’s needed for the body to process my seizure medication, and if I only had a ‘normal’ amount, my levels could dip too low because of the medication sort of leaching it from my body in order to break down the medication. So taking a supplemental D3 helps ensure that my levels don’t dip too low while on my medication. 

My neurologist also suggested folic acid to me. I use birth control, but of course there is always a risk of unintended pregnancy. The seizure medication I take has a risk of increasing birth defects, but some of those risks can be reduced by having enough folic acid in your body. So, routinely taking folic acid keeps my levels up so that if I were to get pregnant, I would be protected against some of that increase in birth defect risk. 

The third NatureMade product that I take is a prenatal vitamin. Yes, I stated I am on birth control, so this seems like an odd one, right? This one was recommended to me by a dermatologist. I had such severe hair breakage and frizz in my early 20’s that I got referred to a dermatologist to see if I had some sort of health issue contributing to the problem with my hair. The dermatologist believed the issue to be linked to my ehlers danlos syndrome, as it’s a collagen-based disorder and collagen is a huge part of our hair. While I can’t get rid of my genetic condition, he explained that prenatal vitamins are an easily accessible way to ensure you are getting all the vitamins and nutrients that would benefit your hair (and your nails if that is a concern for you!). He said prenatal vitamins are even better than taking products like Biotin which are often marketed as being for hair and nail health! 

I tried some other prenatal vitamins first, but I found that many types gave me heartburn. I went searching the internet for information about prenatal vitamins that won’t cause heartburn, and saw someone suggest NatureMade prenatal vitamins and tried those. They did not cause me heartburn the way other vitamins did, so I’ve stuck with this brand. 

NatureMade Advanced Multivitamin Gummies

I love how NatureMade makes their vitamins in a variety of different forms. I prefer tablets, but a lot of their popular vitamins and supplements are available in gummy form for people who just prefer that or who may struggle with swallowing pills. I also love how all of my local grocery stores and pharmacies carry NatureMade products, so I can pick up the ones I need at any place I shop. 

While I generally prefer tablets, I wanted to share a new release from NatureMade with you all. The NatureMade Advanced Multivitamin Gummies. These use a blend of 20 essential nutrients and are designed to support brain, heart, eye, and bone health. While most of us try to eat well, statistically a lot of us are missing out on vital nutrients. Studies have shown that 43% of US adults don’t consume enough Calcium, 46% don’t get enough Vitamin C, and 54% are low in Magnesium, 84% are low in Vitamin E, and 95% are low on Vitamin D! So, if you aren’t already taking a multivitamin, it’s a great idea. 

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  • Maria Egan

    I use their Women’s Multi Vitamin Daily and have for years.

  • Lauryn R

    I love NatureMade vitamins and have been buying them for years as well. I love that I can always trust everything that I buy from them, and like you said I can buy them everywhere.

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