The Gift of Clean with Bissell

bissell pet hair eraser lift off upright vacuum review
By Lakota

December 9th, 2018

Thank you to Bissell for providing me with product in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. 

I think that as we age we begin to appreciate gifts of varying uses. I know I as an adult am super excited to receive something that makes me day or life easier. Sometimes that looks like a new food processor and sometimes that looks like a new vacuum. This year give the person in your life who could use an extra hand the gift of clean from Bissell.

bissell pet hair eraser lift off upright vacuum review

This year I received a Pet Hair Eraser Lift Off Upright Vacuum from Bissell. Although we have a dark grey couch and dark brown carpet that hides out great dane’s dark colored pet hair well, I still dont like having is just pile up everywhere in our home. The Pet Hair Eraser Upright Vacuum comes with a Turbo Eraser tool that can vacuum multiple surfaces like couches, pillows, bedding and more. This attachment works very well on our light colored pillows especially.

bissell pet hair eraser lift off upright vacuum review

If you have pets then you know how pet hair can sort of fall off of your pet, hit the floor and then sort of collect in the cracks of the wall and floor, thankfully Bissell has you covered with the crevice tool the has a very narrow tip to really get into those cracks and clean them out.

bissell pet hair eraser lift off upright vacuum review bissell pet hair eraser lift off upright vacuum review

If you have multiple floor surfaces in your home the vacuum makes cleaning them all with one vacuum pretty easy. A small knob at the side of the vacuum is simply turned one way to increase suction or the other to decrease suction allowing for easier movement across floor types and better suction depending on the floor type as well. While other vacuums make this process a lot more difficult, the Pet Hair Eraser keeps things cost effective and simple.

bissell pet hair eraser lift off upright vacuum review

A tangle free brush roll is one of the most important features for anyone with longer haired individuals in the home. No worries about getting into your machine and cutting hair free from the brush roll.

bissell pet hair eraser lift off upright vacuum review

Be sure to head over to Bissell and pick out the perfect cleaning appliance for the person in your life you love this holiday season. With Bissell’s Pet Foundation each purchase gives back to pets in need of finding homes so you are really gifting double time!

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  • gloria patterson

    This is what my sister needs they have 2 dogs and they lose a lot of hair. I have watched her clean the roller and it is a job. This tangle free brush roll would be a blessing.

  • John Smith

    Cleanliness and absence-of-pet-hairiness are very estimable goals!

  • Susan Marina Brown Lane

    My husband recently brought home a stray dog. My cats are very disappointed with my husband right now. Luna wants the cats to play with her. They say “No.” Meanwhile, shedding and accidents continue. This would be a good thing to have!

  • candy kratzer wenzel

    I sure could use this with 6 cats. My current vacuum still needs a bag which is a pain to replace. The canister on this looks easy to wash out and looks lightweight for easier cleaning with bad back problems.

  • Dana Andrakowicz

    I could use this! I have 2 cats and 2 dogs! Not to mention a messy husband lol!

  • Darcy Koch

    My last 2 vacuum cleaners have been Bissels. It is my favorite brand. Both of them have lasted longer than I expected and do a super job of keeping my whole house clean.gggg

  • Maryann D.

    I would love to have the Pet Hair Eraser Lift Off Upright Vacuum from Bissell. It sounds like a terrific vacuum and we have a white cat and I see her fur around the house!

  • Lana simanovicki

    This would be perfect for my friend she has a couple dogs and they are messy

  • Dorothy Boucher

    I did love my Bissell, she lived a long life and has done so much for me, I love what these machines offer and they are super easy to use .

  • Michelle S

    The crevice tool sounds great! We are looking to get a dog soon and need a really good vacuum cleaner.

  • katie

    This would be amazing! We have a part corgi dog and his hair is everywhere!

  • Micheline

    I have never owned a Bissell, but do have a cat & a dog whom both shed, so this might solve my problem.

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