Celebrate Swimways International Learn to Swim Day
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I received product from Swimways to help facilitate this post.  Aa always, all opinions are my own.

Coming up on Saturday, May 18th is Swimways International Learn to Swim Day.  This special day is dedicated to educating parents and children about water safety and the importance and benefits of learning to swim. To help celebrate, Swimways has joined up with the heroic pups from the hit animated series, PAW Patrol!   And I’m excited to share some of their great lineup with you!

Celebrate Swimways International Learn to Swim Day

Are Your Kids Timid Around Water?

While it’s a good thing for children to understand the dangers of water, it’s not good for them to be scared.  My husband and I have done a few things to ensure our kids are comfortable around water.  This includes:

  • Taking them to hotels as infants and spending time in the water with them.
  • Wearing my infants in a water sling as we explore the water for the first few times.  This helps them feel safe and secure next to me which means they relax and enjoy their time in the pool.
  • We’ve put the kids in swimming lessons once they are 5, which is the age requirement in our town.
  • Both my husband and I have worked with our kids independently in the pool to practice skills such as floating, kicks, and overall comfort.
  • Having enticing water toys available helps the kids to want to get in and play.
  • We also use floatation devices to ensure they stay safe while playing in the water.

Celebrate Swimways International Learn to Swim Day

Swimways Paw Patrol Lineup

To help celebrate International Learn To Swim Day, my kids have been loving their new Swimways Paw Patrol gear.

PAW Patrol Paddlin’ Pups

  •  SwimWays PAW Patrol Paddlin’ Pups are adorable character pool toys that move through the water all on their own.  Simply twist the winder on the side and watch them go, no batteries required.  Available at Target stores in both Chase and Skye options.

Celebrate Swimways International Learn to Swim Day

PAW Patrol Swim Trainer Life Jacket & 3D Chase & Skye Swim Trainer Life Jacket

  • The PAW Patrol Swim Trainer Life Jacket from SwimWays is a U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device, designed specifically for kids.   Featuring a permanent flotation in both the arms and chest which provides greater mobility.  Designed with an out-of-reach adjustable back buckle that is convenient for parents and more secure for kids.  These life jackets fit most children from 30#-50#.  Available at Walmart (Swim Trainer Paw Patrol) and Target (3D Version).

Celebrate Swimways International Learn to Swim Day

Celebrate Swimways International Learn to Swim Day

PAW Patrol Kickboard

  • These adorable kickboards are designed for kids are are made of sturdy, buoyant foam.  They each feature vivid, high-intensity PAW Patrol graphics on the entire top surface of the board.  Great for everyday fun at the pool or for use during swim training practice to help encourage new swimmers.  You’ll find these at Walmart.

Celebrate Swimways International Learn to Swim Day

PAW Patrol Swim Goggles

  • Kids love goggles as they help protect eyes from splashes.  And these PAW Patrol Swim Goggles from SwimWays feature the adorable Chase and Skye accents!  Made with a soft construction, water-tight seal, and an adjustable head strap. Grab a pair or two at Target.

Celebrate Swimways International Learn to Swim Day

Since we actually JUST had another snow storm here this week in Minnesota, it’s too cold to hit the beach yet.  But we will be soon!  And the kids can’t way to enjoy their Swimways PAW Patrol gear when we do!

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  • Michelle S

    I super love that these swimmers now have characters on them. That would have been so fun when my kids were little.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    These are really cute products. Our grandson is two and a half and I thing they would be great for him this summer.

  • Lauryn R

    My kids love Paw Patrol! This is such a cute swimming fun collection, I especially love the lifejackets! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

  • Peggy Nunn

    These are so cute. The girls will love them. Thank you for the review.

  • Alice F.

    Paw Patrol is so popular with kids! Children need to know how to swim and Paw Patrol is a great way to learn.

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