Wicked uncle R/c crocodile car
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I was sent toys from Wicked Uncle. All opinions are my own.

I have a lot of siblings, so I’m blessed with a lot of nieces and nephews. I’m pretty close with a lot of them, so I am usually up to date on what sorts of things they are interested in. As a review blogger, I am sent press releases about toys and children’s items all the time. Still, sometimes I just have a hard time thinking of the ideal gift! That’s why I was excited to learn about Wicked Uncle.

Wicked Uncle is a website that makes it easy to find awesome gifts for kids based on their age and gender. For example, if you were invited to a girl’s 12th birthday party, you would go to Wicked Uncle select ‘girl’ ad ‘age 12’ and it would bring you to their gifts for girls age 12 page.

Of course, some children are advanced or have a delay, so if their chronological age isn’t necessarily well aligned with their interests or abilities. Or maybe you know a child that has a specific type of interest that is more relevant than their age. Or maybe their interests don’t align with the stereotypes for their gender. For example, maybe you know a girl who loves figuring out how things work, and building things. In that case, you could go to Wicked Uncle and select categories, and then ‘engineer’. This category includes toys that involve various aspects of building or mechanics.

Or maybe you know a kiddo who either loves sensory input or has a lot of sensory needs. In that case you could check out the sensory category.

I have half a dozen nephews in the 4-12 age range who are all pretty active, high-energy and adventurous boys. So I checked out the outdoorsy and adventurer categories, among others. In the end I chose three items with my gift card.

Wicked uncle unique toys as gifts

The Glowstriker Hovering Target Game. I have multiple nephews who love Nerf-type foam blasters. While they play with them a lot, it’s hard to keep track of what they already own or what would seem new and exciting to them. I was excited to see this Hovering Target Game because the appeal isn’t just in the blaster itself, but more in how it works as a game even without a friend to play with. When switched on, the device pushes air up to allow balls to levitate in the air that you try to shoot down. How fun is that?

Wicked uncle R/c crocodile car

Second I picked the Amphibious Remote Control Crocodile Car. Most kids I know love remote control cars, but this one looks extra cool and it can drive through almost any terrain! So many R/c toys will be ruined outside but this one can tag along outside with you.

Wicked uncle sticky the poo

I had a little money left so I went looking to see what affordable little extras were on Wicked Uncle and I came across Sticky The Poo – Splat! This resembles the poo emoji and is really squishy so it will ‘splat’ when throw at surfaces. Or you can use it as a stress ball. I can see this being a funny stocking stuffer this holiday season!

So if you’re looking for a gift for the child in your life, head to Wicked Uncle for some really unique, fun gifts!


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