October Nadine West outfits review
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Nadine West sent me a package to review. There are affiliate links in this post. All opinions are my own.

Fall weather is definitely here in Michigan. We’ve been wearing pants and sweaters or light jackets for a few weeks now. It’s so funny to watch YouTube families in Florida and see them still having pool parties! Nadine West seems to cater their shipments to the seasons somewhat, so I’ve been eager to start getting some fall clothing in my packages and just as expected, that has started to happen! Though much of it was still geared more towards summer. Here is what came in my (early) October shipment.

This bracelet is pretty simple yet pretty and can go with most any outfit. I like it! It is $16.99 to keep.

October Nadine Dress

This is the most ‘summery’ item included. I like the print and the fit, so it’s a keeper for me. I’ll just have to hold onto it until next summer as it’s too cold for this here. It is $29.99 to keep.

October nadine west earrings

These silver earrings have a leaf-type texture to them. I think they are pretty, but I am not one to wear nature-inspired jewelry like this so they aren’t quite my style. They are $15.99 to keep.

Nadine west necklace

This necklace is similar to the earrings for me, nature-based designs just aren’t my thing, so feathers just aren’t my style. It is $27.99 to keep.

Nadine west outfits

The top and bottoms pictured above are both from Nadine West.

I like the color and print of this top. I would typically shy away from shirts that have the tied part that can potentially reveal part of your belly, but it fits me long enough that it doesn’t. So, this top was a keeper for me. The material is really soft! It is $29.49 to keep.

The leggings are keepers, too. It’s too cold to wear these outside here due to the mesh panels, but I think they look really cute on. I’ll wear them next summer. They are $33.99 to keep

October nadine outfits

Excuse the pug photobomb! These pants are a print that I like, but I’m just not one to wear flared pants, or pants in this sort of material. I wear jeans or leggings, but that’s it. These are $18.99 to keep.

October nadine pants

I was excited to see some jeggings or skinny jeans in this shipment. I love that Nadine West has been sending more jeans or jean-like bottoms the last few months. These were a bit too tight for me in the legs and the color is a bit bold for me as well. I enjoyed trying them out though. They are $20.99 to keep.

Guys…this is the first romper I’ve ever tried on that actually fit! It didn’t feel like it was pulling my shoulders down, or riding up from below, either. It just, fit! I don’t particularly like the fit, I don’t think it flatters my body very much. Still, it was exciting to see that apparently some rompers do fit me! This is $29.99 to keep.

October nadine west top

I like the color of this top, I debated about keeping it in my wardrobe. I am not a big fan of the style of buttons though. It is $11.99 to keep.

nadine west sweater

I was excited to see a sweater-type top. It’s thin but is a fuzzy material sort of like a sweater. I love purple, and the strappy neck area is cute too. This is my favorite item this month. It is $25.99 to keep.

Nadine west kimono

The last item was this kimono. I like the print of it, I just am not one to wear kimonos. It is $30.99 to keep.

Overall I thought this was a pretty good shipment for me! I really like the sweater and the dress. I am hopeful that my next shipment will be even more geared toward colder weather. Remember, if you want to sign up for Nadine West you can take a style profile quiz and they’ll send you clothing based on your preferences. You’ll only be charged for the items that you do not send back using the prepaid mailing label that they send with each shipment.

Which item is your favorite from this shipment?

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  • I really love that pair of coral pants on you! Super cute!

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I really like the floral dress and the purple sweater on you! I also like the floral pants because they are the type of pants I love to wear around the house.

  • Lauryn R

    What an great collection you received for October! None of it is really my style, but that why this subscription is so cool because you can customize it to your liking. I think my favorite thing you received is actually the flared pants, not so much the floral pattern but the fit! They looked super cute on you and very flattering, even if they aren’t your style. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Peggy Nunn

    That was a nice package this month. I like the kimono the best. I like the jeggings too.

  • ellen beck

    I like the selection this month.You do look cute in that romper! It has been cold here too, I am surprised more was not for cooler weather although you could layer. I love the yoga style wide flair on you, I thought they were cute and I bet comfy. I always enjoy your reviews of this subscription.

  • Donna

    I love the purple sweater and kimono together! Very pretty! The bracelet is really nice too.

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