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Are you tired of the entire family always staring at screen?  Well, this Christmas, Ravensburger has some fun ideas to help you have quality time with your family!

Screen Free Family Time From Ravensburger

Games, toys, and puzzles galore.  And with the Ravensburger name on them, you know they will be the best quality possible.

Jaws Board Game

We are probably all familiar with the movie, right?  Well, now you can experience JAWS as a suspenseful tabletop strategy game!  One player menaces the island of Amity as the three-ton great white while the other players go on the hunt as Brody, Hooper, and Quint.  Two thrilling phases of gameplay capture the edge-of-your-seat excitement of the classic movie.  Each and every game will be different as the results of Act 1 will affect Act 2 either in the crews favor or the shark. This is a 60 minute game geared for 2-4 players.

King Me Strategy Board Game

Great ready to king me, capture the crowns, and control the realms in this Ravensburger strategy game called King Me.  Enjoy 45 minute play time for each game where the crimson Kingdom and the Onyx empire face off in this head-to-head battle inspired by the ancient game of checkers!  Hop your pieces across the game board to capture the powerful crowns of fantastical Realms.  But beware, your fate can change as exciting event cards come into play.  Use strategy to out maneuver your opponent and seize victory in a game you’ll be talking about for days.

Disney Villainous: Evil Comes Prepared Strategy Board Game

Disney Villainous is a fun board game, perfect for families and gamers.  Each Disney villain has their own objectives and goals. Once you’ve figured out The best way to play as one Disney villain, try to solve another!  There are 3 different Disney villains to choose from — Scar, Ratigan, and Yzma.  But don’t forget, the fate decks also feature your favorite protagonists like Mufasa, Simba, Pumbaa, Basil, Dr. Dawson, Olivia, Kuzco, Pacha, Kronk, and more!  Discover unique abilities while dealing twists of fate to your opponents! Who will triumph in this contest of sinister power?

Porsche 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

Did you know the Porsche 911R was rebuilt for racing in 2016 with only Limited production.  At a scale of 1: 18, this 3D puzzle is an exclusive model of elegant lines and classic white design appealing to all Porsche enthusiasts.  Featuring 108 sturdy plastic puzzle pieces that are individually numbered on the backside and fit perfectly together with our easy click technology – no need for glue!  Rotating wheels add the final, authentic touch that you will LOVE!  Perfect for beginners or advanced puzzlers ages 10 and up.

GraviTrax Expansions


What is GraviTrax?

With the GraviTrax interactive track system, you can design and build your own marble runs and experiment with gravity, magnetism, and kinetics to propel your marble to the finish. With a variety of tiles, levels, tracks and elements, you can control the speed of the marble.

The open-play concept offers endless possibilities to design a different track every time you play. Add flair and speed to your tracks with expansion sets and action accessories. Experience the power of gravity with this epic marble run toy.

GraviTrax Trampoline & Scoop

Once you have the starter set, you’ll be delighted to know there are several expansion options to make play even more fun!

Change up the marble run experience from racing to bouncing with the Trampoline. with specially angled height tiles and springy trampoline tiles, the marble can now bounce its way to tracks waiting on the other side.

Keep your marble run excitement going with the Scoop. Triggered automatically when the marble rolls into it, the Scoop picks up the marble, swings like a trebuchet and propels the marble down the track of the next highest level.

So tell me, which Ravensburger gift would your family most like to see this Christmas?

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