how i make my kids birthdays special
By Lakota

December 31st, 2019
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My mom always went out of her way to make birthdays special when I was growing up. I never got to have a birthday during school because it was always spring break. My family always made sure to go the extra mile to make sure I knew how important I was on that day of celebration. I have continued that tradition within my own family and have added onto it as well! Here are the extra special things we do in our house to make our three kids feel special on their day.

Special gesture number one:
At night after the kids go to sleep the night before their birthday we go to the local dollar store and get balloons blown up. We bring them in and let them loose all over inside their bedroom. Although this year I think we are going to go for an idea like this just to change things up! The balloons made a waterfall over him as he opened the door in the morning.
how i make my kids birthdays special
Special gesture number two: 
The night before their birthday after they’ve gone to sleep we go to the dollar store and we decorate the entire house with confetti, streamers, balloons, and banners. We then put out their special birthday outfit on the stairs or some place similar. It’s always fun to wear a new fresh outfit on your birthday, and when the whole house looks like a party how can you start the day off boring?
how i make my kids birthdays special
Special gesture number three:
We either make the birthday kids favorite breakfast or go to their favorite breakfast place for a yummy treat. For one of our kids this looks like chocolate chip pancakes and for another it looks like vegan biscuits and gravy!
Special gesture number four:
I grab a chalk marker from the dollar store and write honk for birthday on the car windows. So wherever we go that day everyone honks along the way to wish them a happy birthday! When it rains on their birthday this doesn’t really go as planned though but it’s always made the kids feel extra special and or a smile on their face.
how i make my kids birthdays special
Special gesture number five:
We let their kids pick their favorite fun place to go with just us as a family. Our kids love bounce houses, trampoline parks, arcades, go karts and those sorts of things and it’s usually one of those that they always pick.
how i make my kids birthdays special
Special gesture number six:
We let the kids pick their favorite place to eat before coming home for their party. Before we were vegan our kiddos chose Chuck E. Cheese, Longhorn or Applebee’s. Now that we are vegan we love going to places like Blaze Pizza, and our local breweries and pubs that have vegan options.
how i make my kids birthdays special
The last and most important gesture we do is inviting family over for a party. We just have everyone come over and hangout while the kids dance and play to some kids birthday music and we do the kids favorite dessert for a treat to share with everyone. We let everyone know presents are not needed but some bring some anyways.
Our kids talk about the people who came to celebrate with them more than any other part of their day. They love that people took time from their busy days to come and visit them because it was their birthday.
how i make my kids birthdays special
Do you have special birthday traditions within your family?

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  • Dana Rodriguez

    These are all great ideas on how to make a kids birthday special. I really like your 5th and 6th suggestion!

  • Christina Gould

    Aww, I would feel very special indeed. What a lovely thing to do for a child. Thanks for posting!

  • Helga

    These are such creative and fun gestures! I like the idea of decorating the house during the night.

  • Peggy Nunn

    I do a lot of those things too. The kids that are old enough get to make their own cake if they want to. And decorate it however. They choose the meal. We have family over for the evening.

  • monique s

    Lots of great ideas here. I like to invite lots of their friends over for a day of fun. Decorations seem to mean a lot too.

  • alice f

    These are some of the best tips ever! Frankly, after reading them, I want to be your child, when it come time for my birthday, LOL.

  • ellen beck

    What a nice birthday your children have! Nice things to do for sure. All day it is their day! I wish we had parties like this from beginning to end!

  • gloria patterson

    What a beautiful way to make a birthday so extra special.

  • Sarah L

    We were usually on vacation for my birthday in August but we always did something special where ever we were. You make great celebrations.

  • wen budro

    I love those ideas. Everyone likes to feel special on their birthday. My kids love being given the choice of where to go and what to eat on their birthday. I love the balloons idea!

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