Oxygenics evolution rain shower head

I was sent the Oxygenics evolution rain shower head for review. All opinions are my own.

The first of September we got the keys to a new apartment. It’s hard to believe we’ve been here almost two months already! We are still making small changes to the apartment to make it suit our needs a bit better. It’s actually a stand-alone house, but it’s tiny at just under 400 square feet! It is on the same plot of land as a larger house that has 3 apartments in it, so we are considered ‘apartment 4’ despite technically having our own tiny house. 

Anyway…one of the adjustments we’ve made since moving is trying to get used to having a stand-up shower only, rather than a bath. The shower stall is very small, too. Many of you know that I am a bit of a hair care fanatic, as I have a different blog that is all about wavy hair! So it’s challenging for me to adjust to having just two tiny corner shelves in the shower. I’m used to using a variety of haircare products on a regular basis rather than just one shampoo and one conditioner each wash day. While I can shuffle my hair products in and out depending on what I’m wanting to use that shower, the showerhead was more of a problem.

When we moved in, we had a tiny fixed showerhead with just a couple of settings on it. To wash my hair I had to almost push my face against the wall, because of where the water stream fell, and my height. I’m about 10 inches shorter than Ryan, but he found the showerhead options to be insufficient for his needs as well. We needed something with more options! 

If shower flow options are what you want, Oxygenic’s Evolution Rain shower head is an awesome choice. This is a pretty big shower head, measuring about 9 inches from top to bottom. It has 5 spray settings, some of which result in the water coming out higher on the shower head, and others coming out lower. The base of the shower head connects to the sprayer with a pendulum so you can adjust the showerhead angle to meet the needs of your height and/or the size of your shower. 

Ryan installed this showerhead really quickly, he said it was very easy to swap out our old one for this one. 

Oxygenics evolution rain shower spray options

Between the spray settings and the adjustable pendulum, this showerhead works great for Ryan and I both, despite our height differences. I like to use the rain fall setting, which causes the water to come out from the very top of the showerhead, and it falls mid-shower, so I can wash my hair while standing in the center of the shower stall, not pressed up against the back!

Ryan likes to use the WideStream and the Massage settings. 

The Evolution rain shower head comes in four finishes. 

While I love the showerhead for the different setting options it provides us, I also love knowing it saves water! Since 1981 Oxygenics has been perfecting their oxygenics engine for their shower heads, with the goal of saving water while giving you a powerful feeling shower experience. It works like a mini turbine jet, it infuses the water with oxygen to increase the power without using more water. In other words, their shower heads use less water but it will feel like more water…which is great, because that’s what most of us associate with a feel-good shower! 

Our old shower head was just a really basic, cheap one. However, this Evolution rain shower head definitely feels more powerful, which makes it feel a bit more like a spa experience. If you have a water bill, it can also save you money by reducing your water usage. 

Buy it: You can purchase the Oxygenics Evolution Rain shower head on the Oxygenics website, or you can use their website to see where their products are sold near you! Some places that sell Oxygenics products include Walmart, Sam’s Club and Lowes. 

Win it: An Oxygenics Evolution Rain Shower Head in your choice of finish!

This giveaway is open to the US and will end 11/9/2021 at 11:59pm eastern. 

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