Aventon AVENTURE Step Through Ebike

This ‘Aventon eBikes Make GREAT Christmas Gifts!’ post is sponsored by Aventon.  As always, all opinions are my own.

The classic gift of a brand new sparkly bike will NEVER go out of style no matter how old you get or how many years go by.  And this year, I highly suggest checking out Aventon eBikes for your loved ones!  Not only are their bikes amazing and make biking so much fun (for the teens and adults!), they would make the best WOW gift ever!

Aventon AVENTURE Step Through Ebike

Aventon eBikes Make GREAT Christmas Gifts!

Get ready to live a healthier and more active lifestyle with an Electric Bike from Aventon! Their powerful ebike motor can get up to 28 miles per hour, helping you go further and feel more energetic in the process. 

Demand for Aventon E-Bikes – pedal-assist electric bikes – is skyrocketing right now. The popularity is across all age demographics, male AND female, from teenager to 75+. A good part of the demand was brought on by the pandemic but now that customers are seeing how amazing these bikes are, they’ll never go back!


Aventon has some really great E-Bike options and today, I’m excited to share their 4 most popular choices with you.  If you snag one of these for a family member, friend, or loved one; you’re sure to score major points!

Aventon Aventure

1.  Aventure 

Brand new in 2021 – the Aventure line-up is a full-size all-weather, multi- terrain, multi- purpose fat tire eBike.

It’s an urban friendly, commuter eBike that can handle crowded city streets but on weekends, allows you to head out to the countryside for rides on hiking trails through mud, gravel, snow, and sand.

Aventon AVENTURE Step Through Ebike

Features Of The Aventure Include:

  • Available In 4 Dynamic Color Options Including:
    • Camouflage Green (in both step-through and traditional frame)
      Aventon Aventure
    • Electric Red (step-though frame only)
      Aventon Aventure
    • SoCal Sand (both step through and traditional)
      Aventon Aventure
    • Fire Black (traditional frame only)
      Aventon Aventure
  • Easy upgrade to Class III – 28 MPH
    • Aventure ships as a Class II eBike that features 5 Pedal Assist settings plus throttle 
    • It can easily be configured between Classes II & III giving you more freedom and options to ride
    • Use the phone app to easily switch between Class II and III
  • Includes  A New Backlit Full Color display screen With Charging Port & Bluetooth App Connectivity
    Aventon Aventure
  • The Aventon App Can Be Found In Android & IOS App Stores
    • connects to the bike
    • tells the rider how many trees he/she has saved while riding! 
    • can turn the eBike on and off, control the lights
    • switch between Class II and III 
    • helps Aventon riders connect socially with a local community 
    • keeps track of mileage and other metrics important to biking enthusiasts! 
      Aventon Aventure
  • 14Ah Battery Capable Of An Average Of 45 Miles Per Charge 

I’m so excited for Spring when I can unbox and start to ride my new AVENTURE Step Through Ebike!

Aventon AVENTURE Step Through Ebike

Being from Minnesota, winter has hit and biking isn’t currently an appealing option for me.  (Not to mention, I’m 8 months pregnant right now!)  However, as soon as the ice melts and spring hits, our family LOVES to hit the local bike trails!

For my AVENTURE Step Through Bike, I chose the gorgeous bright red color as it really stands out against the crowd.  

2.  Level Step-Through

Level Step-Through

This eBike is a commuter’s dream that could replace a car for running errands and riding to work or school. It’s an innovative, slick, and technologically advanced new eBike; which only became available in August 2021.  The Level Step-Through provides easy access with a step-through frame and a smooth, and offers a thrilling ride that reaches up to 28MPH with pedal assist.

It’s is a tweaked version of Aventon’s best-selling Level that was introduced in the Spring.  Fans and partner bike shops suggested body changes to appeal to a broader fan base and Aventon built the Level Step-Through based on their wish list — a step-through frame that’s easy to hop on and off.

3.  Level

Aventon Level

The Level eBike was first introduced in Spring 2020 and is engineered for riders who want to escape from their cars but still want to keep up with traffic on their work or school commute.

It’s built with the same proven motor technology as the Pace 500 electric bike but with geometry and convenience features for urban riders. With peppy handling, a suspension fork, and an extended battery; the Level Commuter eBike can take everything that you throw at it.

4. Sinch

Aventon Sinch

Finally, we have the Sinch eBike.  It’s the most versatile folding fat-bike on the market!  Featuring massive 4” tires, a suspension fork, and plenty of power – 500 watt (750 watt peak) motor – the Sinch has some kick, and is a super comfortable electric folding bike that handles like a dream to ride on all terrain types.

Perfect for those with limited storage space, the Sinch is foldable and easily stored in your closet, under your desk, in the car trunk or in your RV. Regardless of where you ride and where you travel, the possibilities are endless with the Sinch. 

Tell me, which Aventon Bike would you like to see under your tree on Christmas morning?  

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