5 Fun Indoor Activities For Winter (+ Wiwiurka Double Fun Set Review)

This ‘5 Fun Indoor Activities For Winter and Wiwiurka Double Fun Set Review’ post is sponsored by Wiwiurka.  As always, all opinions are my own.

We live in Minnesota and winters can get L-O-N-G.  As a matter of fact, last week brought us several more inches of snow and some FREEZING temps! To help pass the time, we have some fun go-to activities that help keep the kids busy.  Today, I’m excited to share them with you!

5 Fun Indoor Activities For Winter (+ Wiwiurka Double Fun Set Review)

5 Fun Indoor Activities For Winter (+ Wiwiurka Double Fun Set Review)

Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely love spending time outdoors in the winter too.  But sometimes, the temps and conditions just don’t allow it or make it so unpleasant that we camp out indoors.  So check out some of the fun indoor activities for winter that we enjoy.

Create An Obstacle Course

There are many great options for this.  You can use furniture, toys, hoola hoops, and even sheets of paper (for ‘stepping stones’) to create a fun activity for kids to conquer.  The Wiwiurka Double Fun Set is also a wonderful addition to your obstacle course path!

5 Fun Indoor Activities For Winter (+ Wiwiurka Double Fun Set Review)

Build A Fort

Forts are fun for all ages!  In the middle of a long winter, a fort can make a great place to read, have a tea party, take a nap, or just hang out.

Do Some Baking

Get the kids together and head to the kitchen to whip up some delicious treats.  We think there’s never a bad day for hot chocolate chip cookies right from the oven.

Make A Snow Sensory Bin

Spread some towels down on your floor and grab a plastic tub, water table, or kids swimming pool.  Fill with snow and a variety of toys, spoons, play animals, measuring cups, and more and let the kids play with snow INSIDE!  This is perfect when it’s just too cold for the youngest family members to head outside and enjoy that fluffy white stuff but you still want to let them in on the fun.  (NOTE:  Even older kids enjoy this activity!)

For added fun, have some eye droppers and dishes with colored water so they can color the snow.

***Another option would be to fill the bathtub with snow for super easy clean up.

Create Some Art

There are so many ways to create art and Pinterest can be your best friend when coming up with ideas.  But if you want to make it simple, set the kids up with an old Amazon box and some paints and brushes and let them paint away!

5 Fun Indoor Activities For Winter (+ Wiwiurka Double Fun Set Review)

Wiwiurka Double Fun Set Review

We received the Wiwiurka Double Fun Set a few weeks ago and the kids have been having so much fun with it!  This set includes:

  1. Double Rocker
  2. Large Foldable Triangle (Pikler Triangle)
  3. Reversible Ramp

5 Fun Indoor Activities For Winter (+ Wiwiurka Double Fun Set Review)

Large enough to accommodate two+ kids at a time, it’s the perfect play set for at home.  I love incorporating toys and products that encourage movement and active play and the Double Fun Set does just that.  The dimensions of these pieces will promote endless hours of free play for kids. They’ll enjoy sailing adventures or an under-the-bridge escape from the bogeyman and more.

My kids especially love how tipping the double rocker over makes it a rocking boat while setting it upright allows it to become a climbing bridge.

5 Fun Indoor Activities For Winter (+ Wiwiurka Double Fun Set Review)

Geared for ages 18 months to about 8 years, these pieces are constructed from FSC European Birch plywood and are finished with non-toxic sealant and paint.  This helps make them durable, safe, and appealing to the eye.  These are the kinds of toys I don’t mind having in my living room because they are just so beautiful! 

5 Fun Indoor Activities For Winter (+ Wiwiurka Double Fun Set Review)

Great Gift Ideas

If you’re on the hunt for a great gift this year, be sure to check out Wiwiurka’s entire lineup that features a variety of climbing furniture, rockers, balance toys, swings, monkey bars, play sets, learning toys, furniture, and more.

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  • Peggy Nunn

    I am so glad I do not live there. Hence, retiring to the South where we are all ready thru the first blooming of flowers this week. The toys are great they look sturdy and very well made.

  • Lauryn R

    The Wiwiurka Double Fun Set definitely sounds like a great way for kids to have fun while indoors! I know that mine would have absolutely loved this set when they were younger. When we are stuck inside for long periods, I like to bake and do arts and crafts with my kids. We also have a few pieces of exercise equipment, like a treadmill, so they can still get exercise and get their energy out.

  • gloria patterson

    My great niece would be in 7 heaven with these toys to climb on and over etc etc…………… BUT her mommy would have to get rid of all of her living furniture. Our weather is so so up and down in temp. One day 70 the next 32…… But we have been lucky not a lot of snow this year. But we all know around her that winter is not over till we get our Easter snow.

  • Sarah L

    Very good suggestions. I can’t believe how quickly your kids are growing up.

  • Marisela Zuniga

    These are all great ideas, my son loves making some forts

  • Leela

    My kids would have so much fun with those.

  • Sue E

    We had a few more inches of fluffy cold stuff ourselves over a week ago. I know how you and your family feel! This is definitely a fun activity that should keep your young ones physically busy for a while. The
    Wiwiurka Double Fun Set is a great way for your young kiddos to have fun too. I like that it’s durable and big enough to hold two children. I also like that it can keep the kids off of their phones or tablets for a while. Baking is a fun activity too. This was pin worthy! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Peggy Nunn

    I like the idea of baking… it is fun, work together, and can make something for supper at the same time… WIN WIN WIN.

  • Molli Taylor

    My kid would really benefit from climbing and resistance inside. it’s so hard with quarantine!

  • Kelsey kabonick

    These toys look great and my baby boy would definitely love using them!

  • Kim Pincombe-Cole

    I love the Montessori style pieces. Years of play ready to had on all of them!!

  • Shirley O

    Great pieces with so many activity options. My grandchildren would really enjoy these.

  • Peggy Nunn

    I like the variety of toys. They are nice.

  • Linda

    The double rocker looks like a fun and imaginative boat for the kids.

  • william gossage

    I believe the kids would have a lot of fun on these toys.

  • Sue E

    My grandkids would have a blast on these activity toys! They look durable, safe, and fun for a child to keep active in the house. The pictures above resemble a wooden play ground. This would make a great gift. It looks like it could be passed around to different households and still pass the test of time! Thank you for sharing!

  • Tara Enright

    I am in love with the desk they are so adorable and cute and great for kids who like to draw and do artwork. I would so get one of these for my nephew.

  • Carmelo Rotulo

    The double rocker looks like a lot of fun.

  • Ashley Chassereau Parks

    These are great ideas to keep kids busy during poor weather days! Mine love to help bake too, but I love the idea of keeping them active too! The play set looks amazing! It looks super durable and engaging and seems like it would get years of use!

  • Alana

    These look so fun! My 4 and 1 year olds would love this!

  • christy gamber

    These look amazing! especially for the cold and rainy days!

  • Chelsea Guajardo

    What great ideas! I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough so we can try these with her!

  • Antoinette M

    I like the double rocker! These look like sturdy & fun!

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