glassesshop gleview golden glasses sent me glasses for review. All opinions are my own.

I realized a few weeks ago that it had been about 4.5 years since I had an updated eye exam! I got in with my eye doctor and my prescription had changed, so I knew it was time to get new glasses. My insurance doesn’t cover glasses, so I like to get Glasses online from affordable online retailers. In the past, I’ve spent $300+ on glasses from my eye doctor, and there are high-quality online retailers that are a much better deal. 

One place that I’ve enjoyed getting glasses from in the past was, so I was happy to get to work with them again on this new review. I was sent two pairs of Women’s glasses with my new prescription. 

For about 15 years I’ve worn several different glasses, but they all were basically the same style. I’ve always gone with black plastic-framed glasses that are relatively short. I’ve never been one who is great at keeping on-trend, but I’ve noticed that big glasses are in, especially clear plastic ones, round-glasses are in, and metal-rimmed frames are coming back. 

For this review, I thought I’d try stepping outside of my comfort zone a bit and trying some new styles that were a bit more updated. I went with the Alberta Oval Frames and Glenview Round golden eyeglasses. 

Glassesshop alberta purple/crystal glasses

The Alberta Oval Frames appealed to me because they are partly because they are the clear plastic that I’ve noticed getting more popular, but also because they are larger than I’m used to wearing, a more rounded shape than I’m used to, and they have a hint of purple in them. Purple is my favorite color. On top of all that, the frames are just $9.95. 

These feel really comfortable on me, probably because I’m used to wearing plastic frames. I have worn these some, but I do find myself wishing they were just one color or the other. I think I’d like them a bit better if they were all purple or all clear rather than both. Still, I’m really pleased with these glasses. The lenses were $24.95 for the 1.61 high-index lenses and free anti-scratch coating, plus they gave me a $4.95 add-on for anti-reflective coating. So in total these glasses were $39.85. 

glassesshop gleview golden glasses

The Glenview round golden eyeglasses have become my most worn! These aren’t perfectly round but they are pretty close to round, and much bigger (as in the lens height) than any glasses I had until recently. They felt big at first, and they did take some getting used to just because they are so different than what I’ve had before. 

I hadn’t worn non-plastic frames since I was about 14 I think! I was a little unsure about going back to frames with nose pieces, as I had remembered wire-rimmed glasses that I had as a kid that made my nose sore sometimes. This is part of why I had started to prefer plastic frames as they spread the night of the glasses across your whole nose bridge, rather than just in two small nose pads.

These Glenview frames are extremely lightweight so they are comfortable to wear despite the nose pieces. They do feel a little fragile to me due to how lightweight and thin they are. I have had them for a few weeks though, and so far so good! So hopefully I won’t accidentally sit on them and crush them or anything like that. 

glasses shop glenview gold glasses

I find them comfortable though, and I like how they look so they’re my new favorite and get the most wear out of the two pairs. These frames are $49.95, and the lenses were $24.95 plus the $4.95 anti-reflective add on, so these glasses were $79.85. While these are noticeably more than the Alberta glasses were, they’re still significantly less than what glasses would cost at my eye doctors. 

If you’re looking to get some new glasses at a reasonable price, I’d definitely recommend GlassesShop. 

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  • Mia Rose

    Wow I am impressed by the look and quality of the glasses especially for the reasonable price. I just had my prescription change and although my insurance pays a portion it was significantly more ordering from the eye doctor’s office. I would like to get an extra pair and this is the place to do that.

  • Maryann D.

    There are so many lovely glasses to choose from. I thought the prices were terrific also. My daughter would love to choose a pair.

  • Peggy Nunn

    My husband and I both need new glasses. I would like to win but I will also look into these.

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