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By Amber

January 20th, 2024

Thanks to Gamer Advantage for sending me these glasses! As always, all opinions are my own.

I’m always on the hunt for comfortable, fashionable eye wear. I work up to eight hours a day on a laptop and also use my phone fairly often throughout the day as well. The more I’ve learned about blue light damage, the more I want to protect my eyes as much as possible, so I like to wear blue light blocking glasses. I got a new prescription this past year and needed to update my glasses, so I turned to Gamer Advantage! 

Gamer Advantage Blue Light Blocking Glasses

gamer advantage glasses

Gamer Advantage is a brand that started out with a goal of providing the best glasses for gamers. That said, you certainly don’t need to be a gamer to benefit from their products! My eyes are exposed to blue light throughout the day and I don’t want to experience retinal damage because of it. Generally I do most of my work in the mornings so I wear my new Gamer Advantage Arbor Gaming Glasses before I put my contacts in for the day.

gamer advantage

The Arbor Gaming Glasses come in a cat-eye style frame which I absolutely love. The color options include Dahlia, Atlantic, or Obsidian. I went with Dahlia because I love wearing fun colored glasses! I also chose to upgrade to RESME Sleep lenses which are best for people who are using a screen for 8+ hours per day. These glasses offer a proprietary blue light absorbing technology without compromising the clear lens. They also have 100% UV protection and a premium anti-reflective coating.

gamer advantage inside the box

It took me a little bit to get used to my new prescription; I have astigmatism so this is normal for me. It usually takes about a week for my eyes to adjust to any new pair of glasses without feeling a little ‘off’. I love how crisply I can see things now (including these words while I’m typing and captions while watching Netflix!). If you don’t wear prescription glasses that’s just fine-you will still benefit from the blue light blocking properties that Gamer Advantage offers. On the other hand, if you need readers, you can order up to a +3 power prescription in this style as well.

gamer advantage prescription

Uploading your prescription is very simple on Gamer Advantage’s website. You will need your pupillary distance but if your eye doctor hasn’t included it with your prescription, you can follow instructions on the site to find that as well. 

Overall I’m really liking these glasses. They’re easy to clean, stylish, and comfortable. I feel like I have a fairly wide head so sometimes glasses give me a headache after hours of wear; these do not! Check out all of the available options from Gamer Advantage for your next pair of blue light blocking glasses.






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  • Julie Waldron

    These sound like great glasses and good quality. I like that you need to upload a prescription, I think that makes them better.

  • Leela

    They look really durable.

  • Anne

    These seem awesome! I do wear prescription glasses, and I didn’t realize that glasses like these were available with prescription lenses. They’re not cheap, but with the amount of time I spend on my computer, I’m sure they’d be worth it. Thanks for the review and the introduction to this company and their products.

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