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ADDVISOR Independent Add-On Car Visor Review & Giveaway | Emily Reviews
By Ryan

September 14th, 2023

I was sent this product to review. All opinions are my own.

Driving with the sun glaring in your eyes is not only uncomfortable but also potentially hazardous. While traditional sun visors aim to solve this issue, they often fall short, especially when it comes to blocking sun from multiple directions. Enter the ADDVISOR, a product that claims to offer a more comprehensive solution with its Two-Direction Sun Protection technology. This independent add-on visor aims to protect you from both front and side glare, working in tandem with your car’s built-in visor.

Whether you’re tired of the “duck-and-flip” routine with your current visor or you’re a shorter driver struggling to get the sun out of your eyes, let’s see what the ADDVISOR has to offer.


Installation and Use

The installation starts with a mounting rail that attaches to your windshield. The process involves cleaning the mounting location with an alcohol pad, peeling the rail backing, positioning it on the windshield, and then letting it set for at least one hour. The use of genuine 3M adhesive strips ensures that the rail stays attached in all temperatures.

I thought the installation instructions said to install this approximately 1 inch below the top of your windshield. The first time, I followed this instruction. I found that this placement resulted in the visor feeling too low on the dash. It allowed sunlight to get in my eyes if the sun was above the visor. It also resulted in the solid visor to be almost fully blocking my view, making it unusable. What the instructions actually say is to install it 1/4 of an inch below the top of the windshield! Doh!

Thankfully, the kit includes a replacement adhesive strip so I was able to remove the old adhesive and replace it. This did take some elbow grease and alcohol to remove the very sticky adhesive. However, I managed it! This time I placed it as high as I could on my windshield.

Once the mounting rail is set, attaching the ADDVISOR is relatively simple. There are two styles to choose from: visor style and sunglasses style. Both methods involve sliding the ADDVISOR onto the rail and securing it with cam locks.

This new placement still results in the solid visor needing to be raised up pretty high to avoid it blocking my view. However, it can be raised up higher than the windshield, and then the sunglasses visor can be flipped down. This essentially results in the sunglasses visor being placed where a typical sun visor would be. This allows me to see the full view of my windshield without my eyes being hurt by the sun. As someone who wears prescription eyeglasses, this basically keeps me from needing to wear sunglasses while driving which is awesome, as that is not easy to do when you need prescription glasses.

I can also adjust the height of the visor some, to lower it more than I could lower our included visor if the sun is a bit lower than what would be covered by the regular visor.


Key Features

Two-Direction Sun Protection (2DSP)

One of the most talked-about features of the ADDVISOR is its Two-Direction Sun Protection (2DSP). Unlike traditional sun visors that only block sun glare coming from the front, the ADDVISOR claims to protect you from both front and side glare. The idea is to allow drivers to move their car’s built-in sun visor to the side window while the ADDVISOR takes care of the front. Upon testing the ADDVISOR at different times of day and from various angles of sun exposure, the dual protection feature consistently performed well. The Two-Direction Sun Protection effectively reduced glare from both the front and the side, proving to be a game-changer regardless of the sun’s position.

Polarized TintedVISOR

The ADDVISOR includes a polarized, tinted visor designed to offer enhanced UVA & UVB protection. The feature aims to reduce the need for sunglasses and minimize eyestrain during drives. This could be especially beneficial for those who often forget their sunglasses or find them uncomfortable to wear while driving, or have prescription glasses. After testing the Polarized TintedVISOR in various driving conditions, I can confirm that the quality of the polarization is quite impressive. It effectively reduced glare and minimized eyestrain, providing a comfortable and clearer view of the road ahead.

Flexibility in Positioning

Another selling point of the ADDVISOR is its flexible positioning, which is particularly beneficial for shorter drivers. Being able to adjust the visor to various heights and angles could significantly improve visibility and reduce glare, a common complaint among drivers who don’t fit the “average” height mold.


Design and Aesthetics

When it comes to car accessories, functionality is often the primary concern, but aesthetics shouldn’t be overlooked—especially for an item that will be in your line of sight every time you drive. The ADDVISOR comes in an Ivory color, designed to blend with lighter-colored car interiors. From creams to beiges to tans, the color palette is complementary and should not clash with most car interiors.

The ADDVISOR prioritizes both functionality and aesthetics. The Ivory color is a nice touch for those concerned about the visual harmony inside their car, and the design seems to be well-thought-out to provide effective sun protection without being an eyesore or a hindrance. However, those with darker car interiors might find the color choice limiting.

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