Nadine West sent me a clothing subscription bag for this review. All opinions are my own. There are affiliate links in this post.

Nadine West is a clothing subscription service for women. When you sign up you share your sizes, as well as some details, about how you like to dress. You can share with them which colors and patterns you do and don’t like, which areas of your body you want to conceal, which tones of jewelry you like to wear and more. 

The company uses the information you provide to select clothing and accessories that they think you will like. You’re charged a shipping fee of a little under $10. Once your package arrives, you get to try on everything they sent you. The package will include a prepaid return shipping label, and a list of items in your bag and the cost of each. 

You get to decide which item(s) you’d like to keep and which you don’t. If you keep an item, the shipping fee that you paid is taken off the cost of the item. Meaning you don’t really end up paying the shipping fee as long as you keep one item. 

This time I was sent six items. 

nadine west earrings

The first item, and only jewelry item this time, was these earrings. These are quite a bold look and they are very heavy. I am someone who likes dainty, subtle jewelry so these aren’t for me. They cost $36.99 to keep. 

Nadine west may outfit

The top and bottoms I’m wearing here were both sent this shipment. I’ll cover the pants in the next part though, as I show them with another top as well. 

This top is 100% my style! I love basic tops that have a little bit of ‘flare’. This plain black v-neck with criss-cross chest is something I’d pick out for myself. Definitely a keeper for me! It is $27.99. 

May Nadine west outfit

The top and bottoms here were both sent this shipment. 

I was excited about the shirt until I got it on. I’d gladly add a yellow feminine-fit t-shirt to my wardrobe…if it was of ‘regular’ length. This is more of a tunic length, it goes down past my butt in the back. I’ve just never been a fan of tunic length, so sadly I won’t be keeping this one. It is $33.99. 

The bottoms are a keeper, though! I love how Nadine West frequently sends me these jean-like leggings. These ones have real back and front pockets, but a stretchy waist (no zipper or button). They completely look like pants but they’re super comfortable. I love them! They are $37.99. 

Nadine West Outfit May 2022

The top and bottoms here were both sent this shipment. This top is really cute, it’s a pretty basic t-shirt style but I love the three blocks of color. All three are colors I enjoy wearing. I don’t own any other tops that are color-blocked like this. It’s a keeper for me. It is $27.99. 

The bottoms here are some textured leggings. I bought a pair of leggings that are textured just like these back around Christmas. They are similar to a style of leggings that went viral on tiktok. These ones sent from Nadine West are a thinner material and the elastic on the backside seems weaker to me, too. Overall, I can feel that they are a bit cheaper than the other ones that I own. Still, they are comfortable and I like them so I’ll be keeping them. I do feel they are overpriced for the quality at $27.99 though, to be honest. 

Overall this was a great shipment! I decided to keep 4 of 6 items. Want to try the service yourself?  Shop

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  • Mia E.

    The jean like leggings are really nice and a good price. I do like the look of all the tops and think they would be good additions to one’s summer wardrobe.

  • Lauryn R

    What a great shipment you got this time! I am a big fan of the jeggings, I need to get more like this! I love the shirts that you kept too, very cute on you and they look comfy as well. The earrings are way too bold for me as well. Thank you so much for sharing! It’s always fun to see what you get.

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