forever petsies
By Amber

December 11th, 2022

Thanks to Petsies for sending me these incredible stuffed animals! As always, all opinions are my own.

If you’re looking for an incredible gift for someone who is obsessed with their pet, THIS IS IT! Forever Petsies from Petsies are exact replicas of your pet made into an adorable, snuggly stuffed animal! The first step is sending a few photos of your pet from various angles so the designers can get every detail. We had two of our cats, Calypso and Olive, made for our kiddos for Christmas this year and I’m blown away by these stuffed animals! 

forever petsies

Forever Petsies

Here’s our cat Calypso with her Forever Petsies duplicate! I wish I’d videotaped the cats’ reactions when they saw these because it was absolutely hilarious. I’m convinced our cats thought we brought two new kitties into the house and they were VERY freaked out for a few minutes. After sniffing them like crazy I think they realized they weren’t actually real, but it was so funny to see! 

forever petsies

Isn’t it incredible how they made an exact copy of our cat Calypso?! I can’t believe how much it looks like her, from the markings on her body and face to the proper way she sits on the couch. Petsies designers are true artists and really work hard to capture your pets exact likeness.

forever petsies

Here’s one of our other cats, Olive, checking out her Forever Petsies twin! I love how they got her perfect little dark nose and white paws. The likeness is truly uncanny! We like to travel a couple times throughout the year and our kids always miss their cats so much – having Forever Petsies ensures they can take them with us anywhere we go. 

forever petsies

When you’re ordering a Forever Petsies plush, you can choose from mini, regular, or large size options. They’re made from premium polyester furs and specialty noses and eyes. Forever Petsies can create just about any animal, from your standard dog or cat to something more unique, like a horse or a rat! 

petsies stuffed animal

Forever Petsies would also make a wonderful memorial gift for a pet who has passed away. As long as you have photos of the animal the designers at Petsies can make it! They also ship worldwide which makes gifting really simple. Choose from a variety of gift ideas including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Forever Petsies
  • Pet Shaped Pillows
  • Square Photo Pillows
  • Pet Photo Blankets
  • Pet Socks
  • Pet Ornaments
  • Pet Magnets

forever petsies

Don’t miss out on Petsies as a great option for any pet lover in your life! 






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