Kizik Shoes - The Easiest Sneaker You'll Ever Put On!

This ‘Kizik Shoes – The Easiest Sneaker You’ll Ever Put On!’ post is sponsored by Kizik.  As always, all opinions are my own.

I’ve been wearing Kizik shoes for over a year now and you may think I’m being a bit melodramatic when I say they are life-changing…. BUT THEY ARE!

Kizik Shoes - The Easiest Sneaker You'll Ever Put On!

Kizik Shoes – The Easiest Sneaker You’ll Ever Put On!

The most amazing gift for anyone who loves shoes or needs a new pair of sneakers this Christmas is certainly going to be a pair of Kiziks.  These shoes will convince you immediately that comfortable slip-on shoes is not an oxymoron ─ you just needed to meet Kizik.

Designed with their supreme hands-free technology that will give you the secure feel of lace up shoes, paired with the comfort and ease of slip ons; these shoes will amaze and delight! They are truly the perfect shoe for all-day wear, around the house, or even a casual day at the office.

Designed using Kizik’s environmentally-friendly fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, these shoes will quickly become the ones you grab time after time.

Shoes For The Whole Family – Men, Women, & Kids

Last year, I fell in love with my Women’s Madrid Eco-Knit Sneakers.  (Lifesaver with my 9 month pregnant belly then!)  At the time, they also had a men’s line but, this year, I’m stoked to be able to share they have expanded to children’s sneakers too!  We all have those kiddos who don’t like to slow down and take the time to put on shoes properly, right?  Well, now they don’t have to!  They can jump into their Kizik’s without worry. 

Kizik Shoes - The Easiest Sneaker You'll Ever Put On!

Women’s Athens

This year, I chose a pair of Kizik’s Women’s Athens Sneakers in bahama.   These are a bit sportier than the Madrids, which I felt were more chic.  I have to say that I love them both!  I wear the Madrids when I’m looking for a dressy-casual look and my Athens the rest of the time.  Both styles fit well, offer top of the line comfort, and slip on in a snap.

Kizik Shoes - The Easiest Sneaker You'll Ever Put On!

A forever fave. You just can’t say no to a spring-back heel with our signature Cage. The Athens has extra Rabbit Foam on the outsole to give your heel a slight lift and your whole foot added cushioning. It goes wherever your day takes you, whether that’s around the house, out on a trail, or a casual day at the office.

Kizik Shoes - The Easiest Sneaker You'll Ever Put On!

Kids’ Anaheim

My 12 year old son got a pair of Kiziks Kids’ Anaheim Sneakers in Blue Energy.  Their kids sizing goes all the way up to 7 so he’s the top of the chart and will have to move to men’s sizing soon.  (His younger brother is itching for this to happen so he can take ownership of the Anaheims!  My kiddo is amazed at how quick he can get these sneakers on and appreciates the ease in which it happens.  He’s shocked how the heal just snaps back up!

Kizik Shoes - The Easiest Sneaker You'll Ever Put On!

Style, comfort, and a little attitude. The Anaheim starts with our classic spring-back Cage™ and adds extra styling on the side panel, plus ALL the fun, vibrant colors. Not to mention Rabbit Foam™ outsoles that rebound for all-day comfort.

Kizik Shoes - The Easiest Sneaker You'll Ever Put On!

The Shoes That Every Mom NEEDS!

Head over to Instagram and watch my video to see why these are THE shoes that every mom needs!

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  • Anne

    Many years ago, I adopted a motto: “Life is too short to wear bad shoes.” Well, I’m still always looking for good, comfortable shoes, and I appreciate learning about the Kizik brand. I’ll definitely keep them in mind when I’m looking for my next pair. Thanks!

  • Amy Hall

    Oh I’ve been wanting to try these!! Just too expensive, unfortunately

  • Amy Hall

    Oh I’ve been wanting to try these!! Just too expensive, unfortunately

  • kim zoby

    Kizik shoes look stylish and seem perfect for end of work day relaxation once the heals come off.

  • Peggy Nunn

    I really like those shoes. They are great for older people who have trouble bending down.

  • Helga

    I would love to have a pair of these sneakers for when I’m in a hurry and have to dash outside.

  • Lauryn R

    These shoes sound absolutely amazing!! I love that you do not have to bend over or sit down to put them on. Not only would that be perfect for me, (my hands are always full) but my son never wants to take the time to put on his shoes! I love the styles too. I am definitely going to be going to look for a pair for him right now, as he is in need of a new pair that actually fit him anyways. Thank you so much for your review!

  • sheila ressel

    Those are really cute and look so comfy. Would love to receive these as a gift this Christmas.

  • Maria Egan

    Hands free and no bending down to put on a pair of shoes is what I need. Great idea for the whole family.

  • Ashley Parks

    These look awesome! I often have to put everything back down at our back door, put my shoes on, and then pick everything back up on the way out. I could see these making leaving the house with the kids much faster. I love the styles they have too!

  • Betty Curran

    I’d love to give these a try. I’m one of those seniors who have a bit of a problem getting my shoes on easily. I’d love to be able to just step into them and be on my way.

  • Leela

    They look very comfortable and stylish.

  • Amber Ludwig

    Every time I rush out of the house and have my arms full of children and coffee and everything else I swear I need these shoes in my life!! I usually have to put at least my toddler down to get my normal shoes on and it’s so frustrating when Im in a hurry lol!! These would be a lifesaver! I love all the color options!

  • Sharon Rooney

    I have heard wonderful things about these shoes. I love that you can just slip them on and off.

  • Running store

    How are those for running? Seem to be really comfortable and reviews on those aren’t bad!

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