Valentine's day gift ideas for kids 2024

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Well, Valentine’s Day 2024 will be here soon and the writers here at Emily Reviews love to celebrate with our family and friends.  While we know some people enjoy giving big gifts to one another for this holiday, while others prefer to find a small token to show their love.  So our team has worked hard to compile a great list of gift ideas; something for every budget and need, including options for kids and adults!  We’ve found some practical gifts as well as others that are whimsy and fun.  But no matter how you choose to celebrate Valentines Day, we wish you a year of health, happiness, and love!  Check out our top gift ideas for the kids in your life below:

Super Impulse World's Smallest.

Super Impulse

Mini toys have brought gigantic joy to collectors of all ages and Super Impulse has some super fun offerings.  Their World’s Smallest and Minis-in-Minis lineups are filled with a variety of fun choices including Micro Figures, Mini Comics, Dungeons and Dragons, Transformers, Care Bears, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, World’s Smallest Games, World’s Smallest Toys and Activities, Sugar Buzz, Hershey, and more!  A miniature bouquet of play from Super Impulse makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that will fuel your loved ones with nostalgia and serve as a small reminder of how much you care. They are sure to have the perfect tiny toy to win over every type of collector.

I Love You, My Cuddle Bug Hardcover Book

I Love You, My Cuddle Bug Hardcover Book

I Love You, My Cuddle Bug (released November 11, 2023) is a sweet picture book that showcases the special bond between parent and child. Inspired by the beloved board book, You’re My Little Cuddle Bug, it’s perfect choice for Valentine’s Day read-alongs, as well as story time all year long!  Kids and adults alike enjoy the whimsical rhymes and bright illustrations that help draw you into the story.  By the end of the book, all the cuddle bugs in your life will know how much you love them!

warm pals

Warm Pals

Warm Pals presents super soft, cute, & adorable stuffed animals that heat up, cool down, and help relax you with a calming lavender scent. They’re a soothing, comforting friend! These stuffed animals can be put in the microwave for a toasty, snuggly buddy. They can also be put in the freezer to help cool down your sweet kiddo. They’re filled with all natural grains and a french lavender scent. Kids, teens, & adults love these collectible comfy critters. Choose from over 15 adorable animals including elephants, cows, monkeys, penguins, and more!

Playmobil Horse Stall with Amelia and Whisper Item Number: 71353



Our family has been huge fans of Playmobil for YEARS!  I love the quality of their toys and the open-ended, endless playability.  So this Valentine’s Day, I’m super excited to surprise my kids with Playmobil’s new Horses of Waterfall themed play sets including the Horse Stall with Amelia and Whisper.  Amelia, also known as the horse whisperer, looks after the guest horses at Waterfall Ranch.  And now you can join in on the fun at the exciting new horse world, the picturesque Waterfall Ranch at the foot of the White Mountains.  There, the five best friends Amelia, Isabella, Zoe, Ellie, and Ben spend every free minute together with their horses and experience exciting adventures. Amelia loves animals more than anything and is a real animal whisperer. She cares not only for her stallion Whisper, but also for all the other animals that need help or petting.  This fun set features all the accessories you’ll need to help care for the animals at the ranch!

Playmobil Jumping Arena with Zoe and Blaze Item Number: 71355.


The next task on Waterfall Ranch is training!  And Zoe wants to become the best show jumper in Waterfall so to achieve this, she trains every day with her gorgeous Trakehner gelding Blaze.  Don’t forget to comb her mane and tail to help her look particularly splendid when she jumps the pole barrier.  To prepare for the next show, ground work is also important for show jumpers. Overcoming obstacles such as soft poles and cones, strengthens the bond between horse and rider.  At the end of the course training, Blaze is rewarded by Zoe with a crisp apple.  This fun set features all the pieces you’ll need to practice and become the best jumper around!  Plus, those special horse treats too!

Playmobil Washing Station with Isabella and Lioness Item Number: 71354


Finally, taking good care of the animals at the ranch includes keeping them clean.  And that’s where the Washing Station with Isabella and Lioness comes in.  sabella is a horse blogger and budding social media star with a special flair for beauty and fashion. In the wash area at Waterfall Ranch, she captures with her smartphone how she treats her beautiful Lusitano mare Lioness to a clean cool down after riding training. Washing her combable mane and tail, Lioness is especially patient today. She is looking forward to being styled by Isabella, who has again come up with a very special braid for her horse. Of course, Isabella takes a selfie of herself and Lioness at the end!  This is the perfect cleaning station to keep ALL the animals from Waterfall Ranch looking and feeling their best as all of these Playmobil sets mix and match well for play.

Yoto Player


Check out one of my favorite kids’ gadgets, the Yoto Player!  This awesome little device pairs with Yoto’s content cards where kids can listen to books, short stories, music, songs, and more!  The pixel display shows fun icons that change and match the content being played. I also love how it’s tells the time and can be used as an OK-to-wake clock too!  Lightweight and durable, it’s geared for ages 3-12 but they also offer content for babies and toddlers (just be sure to use parental supervision with those ages). Check out my full Yoto Player review for even more details.

GoSili® 8" Silicone Straw Pack, Jewel-Tone Eco-Friendly


Instill a little eco-friendly love in your kids from little on with these fun, flexible, silicone straws from GoSili.  Kids and adults alike love these Reusable Silicone Straws which are made from nontoxic, platinum silicone and can be used over and over again. Standard in length, this multi-pack of straws will allow you to enjoy every sip of your beverage all while reducing your plastic footprint.  This handy pack comes with four straws, each a different color so the kids can tell whose straw is whose.  And if you’re an avid Disney go-er, I highly suggest you pack some of these along if you prefer to avoid paper straws that disintegrate in your drinks! 

TESSGO Kids Makeup Kit


I know my little girls would LOVE this fun, princess makeup kit!  Featuring 42 pieces, this set comes with everything she’ll need to glam up for any party, pretend play, or event.  The makeup is specially designed for kids as it’s crafted with non-toxic materials, a water-soluble formula, and no added preservatives which means it’s mild and non-irritating to delicate skin.  The chunky plastic train case caboodle opens up to an awe-inspiring collection that will deliver hours of play.  This is one gift that any little girl is sure to LOVE!  


Little House Of Pins.Little Shop Of PinsFor a fun little gift that your kiddo can put on their backpack, jacket, or other apparel item, check out the options at Little Shop Of Pins.  Two of our favorites are this Totally Hair Barbie and Chewie Wookie!  Totally Hair Barbie was released back in 1992 and she’s still just as popular today.  The doll’s extra-long hair reached all the way to her toes and at the time, she had the longest hair ever for a Barbie doll. She is historical and iconic for being the highest selling Barbie doll in history! Totally rad, isn’t it?  And for the Star Wars fans, this 1.5″ Chewie Wookie Cookie will be the coolest accessory around!


Silver Dolphin Books

Get ready for lovable fun in this colorful activity book! This book is super fun and kids LOVE it.  Turn the pages and fall in love with coloring pages, mazes, doodles, and search and finds, all decorated with hearts, flowers, and more.  This fun book features adorable illustrations and more than 85 puffy stickers to add to any projects, letters, or pages in this book.  Check out the candy-heart counting, mail match, spot the difference, word search, coloring, dot-to-dot and more!  It’s the perfect activity book is for Valentine’s Day!

Sunnies Kids Sunglasses

Sunnies Shades

Shopping for the littlest loves in your life?  Check out Sunnies!  Designed for two to ten-year-olds, these sunglasses were created to play as hard as kids do and specifically designed to fit their smaller faces (that means no more stealing yours!) Available in fun prints and bright solids, Sunnies provides little ones with polarized lenses, 100% UVA/UVB protection, and anti-slip material to keep them stabilized and in place, making them a must-have for all of your kid’s adventures and a Valentine’s Day gift they’re sure to love.  Plus, they offer sunglass strap options made from lightweight neoprene fabric that is breathable, fast drying, comfortable and floats; to help keep your kid’s Sunnies safe.

Mebel's Labels Valentines Label Gift Packs

Mabel’s Labels

These oh-so adorable Valentines Label Gift Packs from Mabel’s Labels are the sweetest way to personalize your kid’s daycare or school gear. They are available in 8 Valentine-themed designs; exclusive to this product. These labels make a wonderful personalized gift for classmates and friends and are a great alternative to traditional candy and cards. Each label pack includes six sets of 5 peel and stick labels plus a Bag Tag for $30.00. Additional sets can be added for $5.  And if you’re on the hunt for more great options, check out their Valentine Packs, Combo Packs, Name Labels, Silicone Bands, Name Stamps, and Bag Tag option.

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ABC I Love You Board Book

ABC I Love You Board Book

A is for adorable, like your dimples when you giggle.
B is for how brave you are when you try new things.
Learn 26 new ways you can say “I love you” in this adorable alphabet board book for toddlers.  Featuring large, graphic letters, beautiful baby illustrations, and sweet text; this book is perfect for letting little ones know just how special, important, and loved they truly are.

KeaBabies Picture Frame and Prints.


Make this Valentine’s Day extra special as you showcase your precious little one in this interactive keepsake kit from Keababies! Simply add personalized messages or captions onto the Felt Letter Board next to baby’s hand and footprints for a simple and sweet gift idea for mom, dad, grandparent, or sponsor this Valentine’s Day.  Available in Petal Pink, Cloud Gray, Onyx Black and Alpine White.

Handzies Soap and Water Wipes.


Spread love, not germs this Valentine’s Day!  Individually packaged and perfect for the classroom party, Handzies Soap + Water Wipes give students fresh, clean hands using only natural Castile soap, water, and essential oils.  This is the year to say goodbye to harsh hand sanitizers, Handzies wipes do not contain alcohol, BZK, triclosan, artificial perfumes, or dyes; which means they are safe for everyone.  Ideal for classroom parties, and keeping in your child’s desk or backpack, too.



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