Dog Coughing And Gagging {Senior Pug}

Almost two years ago I noticed that my senior pug Beans was gagging after she would eat. At first it was only happening after she ate, so the vet suggested she may be eating too fast, or not chewing well enough. She had been on the same food for years, but we decided to try one that is specifically for small dogs and comes in really small kibble pieces. That didn't help her stop gagging. We bought a slow feed bowl to help her eat slower, and that did help a little bit but she still gagged some.Slowly Read more [...] ~ Purina Beyond Alaskan Cod Recipe

I received product, free of charge, from to facilitate this post.  As always, both my opinion as well as Bear's are our own. Are you ready for spring yet?  I sure am.  I've noticed the animals are too.  They have been spending more time outside of the barns, even though we STILL have snow here in Minnesota!  But I love seeing our dog, Bear, hanging around the yard again.  He always gets so excited to see the kids or my husband and I outside.  So we all keep on keeping on, just knowing Read more [...]

How To Choose The Best Food For Your Pet (American Journey Dog Food From

I received product from to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own. Growing up, I always wanted a dog.  While we had one when I was really young, she died before I turned 2 so I didn't remember her.  And for some reason, my parents were really against getting another dog.  So when my husband and I took over his family farm, I was thrilled that we "inherited" a dog along the way.  And while Tipper was technically still my father-in-laws dog, he was definitely our dog too.  Read more [...]

Weruva Presents: Cats in the Kitchen – From

I received product from to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own. Pets can seriously become your life, right?!  Our family is a huge pet loving bunch.  It helps that we live on a farm!  And over the years, we've added to our crew.  Our current tally includes:2 Mini Horses (Ginger and Poppy) 1 Big Horse (Dontae) 4 Chickens (Only one has a name though as Violet became a quick favorite with her one blind eye.) 1 Rooster (Fluffy) 1 Large Outdoor Dog (Bear) Read more [...] Brings Your Pet’s Favorites Right To Your Door Step {Purina Beyond Wild Prey-Inspired Beef, Liver & Lamb Recipe Canned Dog Food}

I received Purina Beyond Wild Prey-Inspired Beef, Liver & Lamb Recipe Canned Dog Food from to facilitate this post.  As usual, all opinions are mine and my pets. Christmas is coming, are you ready!?  I think we are finally all set.  My husband and I just finished wrapping up the stocking stuffers for our kids a couple nights ago.  So the gifts are wrapped, labeled, and stocked away.  The stocking stuffers are wrapped and already stuffed into the kids' stockings.  Which means Read more [...]