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Warm Your Taste Buds With Crazy Hot Popchips ~ Review

I received product from Popchips for my review. All opinions and photos are my own. My husband works a physically demanding job with long days. To help keep him going, he takes several snacks to work; usually a bag of chips, a granola bar, carrot sticks and cheese stick. I try not to tell my husband what to eat (he is an adult after all). With that said, I do try to stock our house with healthy options. So, I decided to replace some of his chips with Popchips. Popchips are made with potatoes Read more [...]

Simply Kale Healthy Kale Chips Review

I received products from Simply Kale for review. All opinions are my own. It seems like eating healthy has become quite the trend lately, and it's great! However, one problem is that it can often be hard to find snacks to munch on that are healthy and low in calorie. Kale chips are a great solution to any snacking crave, and Simply Kale makes a variety of kale chips in different flavors that suit any snacking desire! I was very excited to be able to try out some Simply Kale kale chips for myself! I Read more [...]

RW Garcia’s New Delicious Tortatos ~ A Healthier Snack Choice ~ Review

Thank you to RW Garcia Snacks for providing me with product, free of charge, for review.  All opinions are my own. I am always on the search for great tasting healthier snack options to offer my family.  I like to have a variety on hand at all times to suit everyone's different taste preferences.  Lately, I've been striving even more to eliminate "junk food" and keep a better stock of offerings ready to grab.  Last year, I had partnered with RW Garcia to bring you a review on some of Read more [...]

Homemade Slurpees – The No Ice-Chip, Perfect Texture Slushy

*There is an affiliate link in this post. As a kid I had somewhat of an addiction to mountain dew slushies - or slurpees, slush puppies, freezies, whatever you prefer to call them. I hated to go even a week without stopping by the convenience store in ym town that had them. Eventually they quit making them there but thankfully the Speedway in my town started selling them. Just within the last year or so, my local Quality Diary added on the mountain dew flavored slurpees as well. I remember Read more [...]

RW Garcia -non-GMO- Healthy Chips Review

Many people now days are becoming more aware of what they are putting into their bodies. We are learning more every day how important it is to eat as many healthy and pure things as possible and avoid all the chemicals, additives, and other bad things that are in so many of todays products. However, you do not need to sacrifice taste to eat something that is good for you!  One snack that most people like is chips.  Unfortunately, most chips are not healthy.  RW Garcia has come to the rescue. RW Read more [...]