Sounds in the House” is a wonderful Children’s book written by Karl Beckstrand and Illustrated by Channing Jones. This creatively written book takes you through the spooky sounds a little dog hears at night. Have you ever found yourself lying in bed wondering what was making the noises that were keeping you awake?
WHAT OR WHO WAS THAT? Should you get up to see what it is or just lay there and hope it goes away?  “Could it be that a goblin or ghost, or a really bad guy…who eats dogs in his pie…”

I think this is a cute book for Fall, it explains what all those new sounds are at night, that we don’t necessarily hear during the summer…the heater revving up, the trees tapping the windows, twigs falling on the roof top, the rain trickling down the side of the house, or the wind rustling through the trees.

The Author, Karl Beckstrand, suggest this book for 2 years and older. Cheyenne, my 2.5 year old Daughter, really enjoyed this book. I am not sure how much of the story she understood, but she really liked the pictures. The illustrator Channing Jones, kept the pictures simple making it easy for the little readers to follow the
story. They are really cute!

It is available in English print as well as Spanish.

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