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A while back EdenFantasys started carrying beauty items including lips makeup, makeup kits and more. I decided to try out their mineral beauty bronzer because I hadn’t yet found a bronzer that worked very well for me. The bronzer includes streaks of various shades and can be applied in layers to create a variety of shades. I was really impressed with how HUGE the container of bronzer is. It’s bigger than the palm of my hand so it’s definitely a lot of product which is nice. I have tried applying this with various makeup brushes that I have and I would recommend trying different tools because depending on how much product your tool picks up, it can alter how lightly the bronzer will apply on the first layer. I have fair to light skin and wasn’t able to get the bronzer as light as I wanted using the tools that I have. However, I was able to combine this with some product I have that is too light for me and it mixes into a shade that works well for me. However, for anyone who has light to medium skin or darker, this would most likely work for you because it can go from light to pretty dark if you apply it heavily. I also plan to experiment with smaller tools. Seems how the bronzer has stripes of shades, I would like to use a thin brush to see if I can pick up only the lighter tint to see if doing that will allow for a lighter bronzer to be used.

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