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I have two little girls who currently LOVE makeup.  One is almost 10 and the other is just 2.  Both have borrowed my expensive makeup to practice…..the older one with permission while the 2 year old has just helped herself!  So I decided to search for a non-toxic, kid-friendly makeup so they’d both have their own makeup sets to use.  My hunt led me to Klee Naturals.  They not only have safe makeup options for young kids, their products are perfect for tweens and young teens too!

Klee Naturals Review: Best Non-Toxic, Kid-Friendly Makeup

Klee Naturals Review: Best Non-Toxic, Kid-Friendly Makeup.

With a sole mission to create natural, non-toxic makeup and personal care products for our little ones, Klee Naturals is the perfect place to turn when introducing your daughters to makeup and allowing free play. 

If you’re concerned about harsh chemicals ruining your child’s delicate young skin, head straight over to Klee Naturals website.  In an era where parents are increasingly mindful of the products they introduce to their families, Klee Naturals stands out as a beacon of safety, quality, and creativity. Made in the USA with no nasties, they understand the importance of providing children with products that nurture their natural beauty without compromising on health. Their range of non-toxic makeup and personal care items are formulated with safe, natural ingredients, ensuring peace of mind for parents and joy for kids. 

Klee Naturals Review: Best Non-Toxic, Kid-Friendly Makeup..

Klee Naturals Offers Safe Alternatives To:

  • Play Makeup
  • Tween Makeup
  • Nail Polish
  • Fragrance
  • Bio Glitter
  • Bath Time

Klee Naturals Review: Best Non-Toxic, Kid-Friendly Makeup

The Klee Naturals product line-up will be safe and contain ZERO bad or harmful ingredients so you can let your kids use them to their hearts content!

New Sugar Pop Collection!

New this spring is the Sugar Pop Deluxe Make Up Kits, which include biodegradable glitter, mineral-based eyeshadow and blush, water-based nail polish and nourishing lip shimmer. No talc, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals involved! The products are also cruelty free and gluten free. Not to mention, a portion of sales are donated to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.

Klee Naturals Review: Best Non-Toxic, Kid-Friendly Makeup.

From this new collection, we got the Sweet Lil’ Nothings Deluxe Makeup Kit.  Then, we also grabbed the Arc Of Joy Deluxe Makeup Kit too.  Both of our girls are obsessed!  Each of their kits are slightly different but absolutely perfect.  

Klee Naturals Review: Best Non-Toxic, Kid-Friendly Makeup.

The Arc of Joy Makeup Kit is an excellent all-in-one kit with all the makeup essentials – pressed powder eye shadow compacts in light purple Rainier Blossom and periwinkle blue Niagara Blaze; the bestselling Newport Whisper blush; juicy Raspberry Sugar and Candied Grape lip shimmers; light floral Parisian Love roll-on fragrance; water-based, peelable nail polish in Little Rock; and Unicorn Dream glitter gel, which is made of plant-based, bio-degradable glitter. Eye shadow applicator and rainbow blush brush included.

The deluxe Sweet Lil Nothings makeup kit is an excellent all-in-one kit with all the makeup essentials – pink Jackson Sway eye shadow, rich Camden Spark blush, juicy Pink Lemonade lip shimmer, lavender Concord water-based nail polish, and purple Mermaid Tales glitter gel, which is made of plant-based, bio-degradable glitter. A rainbow blush brush and two eye shadow applicators are included.

Klee Naturals Review: Best Non-Toxic, Kid-Friendly Makeup.

The girls have been loving playing with their new makeup.  Lucy is already doing a great job applying and Ruby is having a blast exploring with a safe line of makeup I feel comfortable with her experimenting with.

Klee Naturals Review: Best Non-Toxic, Kid-Friendly Makeup.

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  • Barrie

    What a great idea! I wish this was something I knew about or was around when my kiddo was younger!

  • Lauryn R

    These sound like awesome makeup kits! I absolutely love that they are natural, and I don’t have to worry about my daughter having anything toxic or not good for her or the environment. I would definitely buy these for her. Thanks for sharing!

  • Darla c

    This is a good find, giving kids quality non toxic makeup is pretty important. Their packaging is nice too.

  • Terri Quick

    This is really cool

  • gloria patterson

    It is a girl thing great niece now 7 has been in to makeup since she was about 5. She has makeup at many of our homes. Now her little cousin (3) is starting to want to wear it. This would make a great gift for her.

  • Maria Egan

    How neat to have this non toxic alternative with a kit that has everything. I was hesitant to get my granddaughters anything like this when they were younger because they have such sensitive skin. They would have loved this.

  • Terri Quick

    This is so cool

  • Donna

    This makeup would be a fantastic gift for all of my granddaughters! My oldest is especially interested in makeup and nail polish lately.

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