Kids Natural Calm Multi Supplement Review & #Giveaway US 6/05/13

Like most families, we are always on the go. My husband works 5-7 days a week. I have one Daughter in preschool and another in kindergarten. My husband plays on a community softball team and my daughters have swimming twice a week. I feel like a lot of my day is spent cleaning, cooking and driving. With a demanding schedule, it is easy to forget about taking care of our health. To keep my family and me going, we use Natural Vitality supplements.

For our review, Natural Vitality sent us a bottle of the Kids Natural Calm Multi.


Kids Natural Calm Multi contains 24 Organic fruits and veggies, Omega-3 DHA & EPA, vitamins, and minerals. Its liquid formula was designed to easily deliver magnesium and other important nutrients to kids. Kids Natural Calm Multi has a tropical flavor that is sweetened with organic stevia and organic agave. Kids Natural Calm Multi is suitable for kids ages 4-13.

I discovered Natural Vitality about a year ago. I read their on-line list of symptoms that may be present when a person doesn’t have enough magnesium in their diet: stress, fatigue/low energy, inability to sleep, muscle tension, anxiety/nervousness, irritability, headaches, weakness, weakening bones and an abnormal heart rhythm. At that time, my daughters were showing signs of at least six of those symptoms. Since we have started regularly taking Kids Natural Calm Multi most of those issues have been resolved.


Now, if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking that because it is a liquid supplement full of fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals that it probably tastes bad. And you might be wondering how I get my girls to willingly take Kids Natural Calm Multi. Well, it’s easy because Kids Natural Calm Multi actually tastes good. My girls love the tropical fruit flavor and actually beg for it each morning!

We rely on Natural Vitality products every day; they keep us feeling our best.


You can connect with Natural Vitality on their website and facebook.

One lucky winner is going to receive a bottle of Kids Natural Calm Multi. This is a US giveaway that will end on 06/05/13.

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