Conceived By Nature Hair Care Products Review

Growing up, I was taught proper hair care from my mother, who used to be a Beautician. She taught me the importance of using nourishing products in the hair, using non-abrasive and non-harsh shampoos, and limiting the use of heat. However, I quickly found it was hard to find true, quality shampoos and conditioners in stores. Mane N’ Tail has come out with a new line of natural hair care products, Conceived By Nature. These products are free from harmful ingredients, and full of nice, nourishing ingredients for your hair. I was very excited to be able to try out this new line of hair care products.

I received the following from Conceived By Nature to review:

I received the Conceived By Nature Fortifying Rosemary Shampoo and Conditioner, the Balancing Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner, the Volumizing Citrus Shampoo and Conditioner, and the Anti-Frizz/Shine Hair Serum.

Each Conceived By Nature Shampoo and Conditioner pair has specific properties for each hair type. The Balancing Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner is for all hair typles. The Restorative Rosemary is for dry, damaged hair, and the Volumizing Citrus is for normal to oily hair. This was perfect, as my hair tends to be dry, while my fiancé’s hair tends to be oily. So he used the Volumizing Citrus, and I used the Restorative Rosemary.

All of the Conceived by Nature products are made from high quality, all-natural, certified organic ingredients. They are paraben and sulfate free. Their goal is to provide all-natural hair care products that provide incredible performance. They’re great for all hair types, and are nice and gentle on the hair, making them great for color treated hair.

My fiancé and I both really liked the Conceived By Nature Shampoo and Conditioner. My fiancé generally has oily hair, and he really enjoyed the Volumizing Citrus Shampoo and Conditioner. It left his hair looking great. It really did give it a good amount of volume, and left it nice and shiny, but not oily. He also really liked the conditioner. Normally, since he has oily hair, he goes without conditioner, as it leaves his hair a bit filmy, and oily. However, this conditioner just left his hair feeling nice and soft.

I personally really liked the Conceived by Nature Restorative Rosemary Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair tends to get dry very easily, and is damaged from me dying it multiple times. I thought this Shampoo and Conditioner left my hair feeling soft, and shiny. The shampoo has a nice lather, not super thick, but it leaves my hair feeling very clean. It is also not very harsh at all. I generally only wash my hair every other day, to keep it from getting too dry, but I’m able to use this shampoo daily. The conditioner leaves my hair feeling nice and nourished. The Shampoos and Conditioners also smell really nice!

I also really liked the Conceived By Nature Anti-Frizz/Shine Hair Serum.

You just need one little pump of the Anti-Frizz/Shine Serum, and it’s good for pretty much your whole head. I used it instead of gel to help keep fly-aways at bay whenever I had my hair up. It was also good after I straightened my hair, and had any frizziness left. It left my hair looking nice and shiny, rather than wet or oily. Just a little bit goes a long way. The Anti-Frizz/Shine Serum works on dry or wet hair. This bottle will definitely last me a long time!

Overall, both my fiancé and I really liked these all-natural hair care products. The Conceived by Nature shampoos and conditioners, and the Anti-Frizz/Shine Serum have both become part of our daily hair care routines. If you’re looking for some all-natural, nourishing hair care products, you should definitely check these out!

Buy it: You can buy Conceived by Nature products at local health and nutrition store, or online. You can find a list of stores at the Conceived by Nature Website.

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  • Sabrina Radke

    I LOVE all natural products but have never seen any hair products that have organic ingredients. I’m definitely going to search for these and try them!

  • I love all natural products. And I really need that anti-frizz. My hair is a mess

  • I really should try the anti-frizz!! Ugh… my hair turns into 1 big poof ball it’s insane!

  • My hair is super frizzy, so I have to treat it with extra special care and this product seems to be it by what I see on this review! Awesome! Definitely getting it.

  • James Dean

    Hi, Micaela. I’ve just run across your site while looking up a hair care product line which my family used for years starting in about 1977 or ’78, continuing until the line was purchased in, I think, the late ‘8Os. The company that bought this line was called Mane ‘n Tail. The product line I’m talking about was called Conceived By Nature, and it was an awesome product! . My son just texted me asking what “the name of that shampoo and conditioner was that we used when we were kids.” After I told him, I Googled it (actually, I Yahooed it) and saw your blog. I was very surprised to learn that Mane N Tail had just come out with a new line, called Conceived By Nature……

    If this ‘new product line’ is anywhere close to the old CBN products, they have a winner. By the way, the only thing I’ve found in the last twenty years is the Treseme’ line. It’s close, but no cigar. If Mane N Tail is interested in more input, I’d be happy to try out their shampoo and cream rinse. (or do they call it Conditioner?) Feel free to pass along my contact information.

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