It seems like I am always cleaning or organizing. Clearly I need help. No matter how often I hit this task, there is always more to do and what has been finished in the past has become undone. I know I can’t be alone. This is where Dina Newman, who is the owner and found of Organizing Concepts and Designs, steps in to help.  Dina is a Professional Organizer from Los Angeles and has launched her own line of Organizing Products with the first item being the Stock-It-Pockets.  I was sent a sample for review.  The Stock-It-Pockets was easy to hang.  After opening the package, you just untie the ties and unfold it.  There are three hooks that are included.  You hand them on a door and place the Stock-It-Pocket on them.  Easy.

stock 2

Cleaning supplies are hard to organize.  I have a cleaning supplies closet where all my cleaners, brooms, mop, vacuum, cleaning rags, and miscellaneous items are located.  I have tried cleaning it but there was only so much I can organize on small corner shelving.  I had pretty much given up and had to push hard on the door to close it  because the vacuum didn’t fit well in the closet with all the junk around it.  So I decided it would be the perfect place to start with a Stock-It-Pockets Organizer.

Before Photo:

stock 3

I have to say that this was the most fun cleaning and organizing that I’ve had in a long time!  I really like that I can now see the products I have available instead of trying to dig through a full shelf.  This also freed up space on the shelving and I could now lay out my cleaning cloths so they are readily available at a moments notice.  (You know how they say that most people get more cleaning done in the 10 minutes before someone arrives than any other time.  Now I have my rags ready to grab.)  I am impressed with how easy the Stock-It-Pockets made this.  I wish I could get a better picture to impress upon you the major results but my cleaning closet is in a small hallway and my back is against a wall no matter what angle I try.  Just know that I am no longer dreading the next time I need to use the vacuum.

After Photos:

stock 4  stock 5  stock 6

I also put another Stock-It-Pocket in my daughter’s room because she likes to keep every scrap of paper and collect every little rock, feather, and trinket.  I just overhauled her room a month ago and we removed about 8 garbage bags of stuff and trash so I don’t have any before photos.  I’m using this Stock-It-Pocket as a preventative measure so her room doesn’t get taken over again.  Now her treasures must fit in her organizer if she wants to keep them.  I’m really excited because I think this is going to help her keep her room clean.

I am so happy with the Stock-It-Pockets Organizers.  The organizer feels well-made and is easy to use.  I may need to get more in the future as I already have some thoughts about where else I could use one.  Our homeschool shelf tends to clutter up quickly and I am always cleaning it.  Laundry rooms and bathrooms would also be great places to have one.  A Stock-It-Pocket would also be useful in bedrooms for shoes or other items.  If you are in need of some organizing help, check out the Stock-It-Pockets or contact Dina for a consult.  The Stock-It-Pocket would even make a great gift.

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